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Moving Truck Rental Companies are better option for Self Move and DIY Moves

When it comes to moving and if you have decided to do it yourself, the first thing that comes to mind is to find a reliable moving truck rental companies. Truck rental gives you access to a moving truck without the costs and responsibilities of owning one. There are several moving truck companies that provide this sort of service, and Moversfolder can help you by providing numerous choices and moving truck quotes with regard to moving truck rentals.

Truck rentals for moving are available in various flexible arrangements and you have many options in terms of truck size and accessories like moving blankets to protect your furniture and dollies to help move heavy items. Alternatively, you can always choose to hire local or long distance movers who will handle your complete move.

If you are moving a long distance then returning the truck to your original pick up location is out of the question.  In such cases, one way truck rentals companies are out there for you to take advantage. With the rental location of these companies spread out across the US, the one way truck rental companies will save you both time and money.

When choosing moving truck for rent to move, make sure it has rub-rails on all three walls of the trucks which allows you to tie your furniture in to prevent it from shifting. There should be patented mirrors for better visibility and large cabs which will ensure comfort while driving. Make sure to consider the size of the truck and ensure all your belonging will fit into it. Also, check whether loading deck is as close to the ground as possible so that loading your boxes and furniture takes half the time and work. For more details refer Hire-a-helper, Rent-a-truck, Do-it-yourself.

To tackle a small move like moving out of a studio apartment, rent an 8' Pickup truck, 9' Cargo moving van rental or 10' truck. However, for larger houses, you'll need to decide between the 15', 20', or 26' trucks depending on the size of your home and the amount of furniture you have. A 26' truck is the largest moving truck in the industry used for a large family move.

For extra space requirements, some truck rental companies offer trailers that can be towed behind the truck. This might be useful in moving your garage stuff and lawn equipment while keeping them separate from your furniture. Lastly, don’t forget to check whether your auto insurance covers damage from an accident while driving a truck rental. If not, you need to buy additional moving truck rental insurance coverage. You can get a good insurance plan depending on how far you are moving and how valuable your belongings are.

The moving truck rental prices charged by truck rental companies for transporting household items depends on the size of the truck and time of the truck rental services required. Like any other service provider, rates of the truck rental services are higher during peak season which is generally summer since movement becomes more difficult in winter and monsoons. Many companies locally also offer cheap truck rentals through coupons. Make sure to read the fine print and choose the services that you want for your relocation project.

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No matter how far away you plan on moving, cheap moving trucks are the perfect option for you. You can get free budget moving truck quotes from Moversfolders just by providing the details required and the date you prefer to move. Whether you are taking a cross country moving truck or a local truck rental, Moversfolder will help you hire reliable moving truck rental services to lighten your load.

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