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Things To Consider Before Shipping Your Motorbike

Motorbikes are expensive and their owners naturally worry about their “beauties” while shipping them. Motorbike shipping is quite different from shipping a car. Cars have reliable handbrake and four wheels for extra stability, while motorbikes are outright different by design and have only two wheels with nothing to keep them stationery apart from the stand. Bearing in mind that your motorbike isn’t cheap and that repairs can be costly, it is always safe to choose an experienced and reputable motorbike transport company rather than trying it yourself. These companies are will make sure your motorbikes reach you within the time frame provided without any wear and tear. Some of them even deliver it right to your door and even provide a tracking system to enable you constantly keep watch on your shipment at any time.

Now that we have established why choosing a motorcycle shipping company is important for your peace of mind. Here are few things you need to do to hire them and before handing over your motorbike for shipping.

Get a Quote

The very first step is to get quotes from various motorcycle transport companies. This helps you get a picture of the various services offered by them and cost involved. Moversfolder can help you get instant online quotes, which you can then compare and study them.  You can then visit their sites and access them to make your final decision. Some companies even have a pricing table that provides you with precise prices between zones so that you can choose those that are convenient for your bike shipping. These rates are generally based on fuel cost, drivers' expenses, standard bike specification, distance, etc. We advise you contact customer support teams of various motorcycle transportation companies before selecting them so that does not stretch you financially.

Choose the type of shipping

Another important factor is choosing the type of shipping. When shipping by a trailer, you can either choose an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Because motorbikes are small and very susceptible to damage from the elements, it is usually the best choice to ship on enclosed motorcycle transport trailers. However, If you are only shipping only for a short distance, say under a few hundred mile, then it can probably be shipped safely on an open transport trailer. Superbikes are also crated and shipped via sea freight on a specialist vessel or airfreight for greater distances.

Learn the expenses involved

The cost of shipping for an averagely sized motorbike dependent on two main factors. Distance to be traveled and what services the company offers.  For bulkier and larger bikes, the shipping costs will increase according to the motorbike size. A shipping company can offer you a variety of different services, so it is always better to choose a specialist motorbike shipper than a car shipper that offers motorbike shipping as an extra service.

Prepare your Motorbike

Now that you have decided your motorbike transport company, you need to thoroughly inspect your bike before handing it over to them. Inspection is not just a routine check-up, it actually one of the most important procedures that should take place before pick up and after drop off and an inspection sheet should be drafted. Ensure that the bike does not have any personal item and is cleaned. Make sure the batteries are removes, tires are inflated, fuel tank emptied and all loose parts are secured before you hand over your bike for shipping.

A good motorcycle shipping company will include some insurance with your quote. A copy of their certificate of insurance should also give you enough data to make an informed decision.  While the shipping companies try their best to ensure that nothing does go wrong, little extra protection never hurt. While the Insurance will cover you for scratches and careless damage, make sure you ask for the coverage limit and also whether specialty items or accessories are covered. However, if your bike is expensive, buying extra coverage might be a good idea.

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