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At Movers Folder, every moving need has a special solution to address. The moving can be of any variety, which includes grand piano, artwork, antiques, boats, and pets. Such special items will be handled by our ‘specialty movers’ to deliver them safely at your new home.

Specialty movers are also known as piano movers, artwork movers, antique movers, boat movers and pet carriers. The name special signifies that extra care taken by the movers while handling the move of these special items with high-quality packing material.

While moving a piano, the special movers pad the movable parts of the piano to cease the damage during transportation. To move these grand pianos, movers use a truck equipped with special arrangement to stop them colliding with truck walls. Also, these trucks are climate controlled to protect the piano from heat, cold and humidity.

For artwork and antiques, these specialty moving service companies use their specialized team to handle the move with proper packing, loading, and unloading. The movers of these companies use air-ride equipped trucks with the climate-controlled facility. The delicate artwork and antiques will be packed in wooden boxes with extra amount of padding.

Similarly, for boats and pets, the carriers consider all the required safety measures while handling your special belongings. These specialty movers are eligible for cargo insurance.

Special Movers Moving Quotes

Trust the Movers Folder to get the quotes from licensed and insured specialty moving companies to assist you with the move of valuable items. A specially trained crew will be employed by the special movers so that you can relax. Enter the location of your new home and click on get quotes to pull the free quotes from special movers.

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