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The Secret of Successfully Shipping a Boat

Boat shipping is much trickier than moving any other type of vehicle. This process of moving your boat is complicated and involves a lot of planning and procedures with special movers. Whether your boat is stored at the docks or on a trailer, you want your boat to reach its destination without any damages, no matter whether you are moving it more than across town or overseas. With little planning and preparations, you can make sure the shipment of your expensive boat goes smoothly and efficiently. Follow these guidelines to make sure that when you ship a boat, it arrives in the best condition.

As we said, boat shipping requires detailed and careful planning. It is better to begin planning your boat shipping at least a month before your ship date. You can utilize this time by researching your options on boat trailers and choosing a boat carrier. You will also need to contact capable boat shipping companies, get their boat shipping cost and make a fully-detailed listing. Not to forget, you will also need time to properly preparing your boat for pickup and transport.

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The best way to receive the most accurate boat shipping cost from shipping companies is by providing all the relevant information. This includes accurate boat measurements, weight, photos and any special requirements you may have. To determine the overall boat length, measure from the tip of your boat’s bow to the center-most part of its stern.

Be sure to include all bow pulpits, stern rails, swim platforms, motor brackets and the length of your motors or outdrives in the raised position. For accurate height measurements, measure it from the bottom of the keel to the highest non-removable part of the boat. After processing this information, a boat hauler can provide a quote for boat shipping that includes licenses and permits. The final cost for boat transportation depends on the distance.

Preparing your Boat
Once you choose your boat transporter, your next step is to prepare your boat for shipment. This includes removing all of your personal items from the boat, securing any loose items so that they don’t cause any damage to the boat while moving.

Water from your boat’s water systems, air conditioners and pumps must be thoroughly drained. Batteries must be disconnected and secured. If the boat is anchored, it must be removed from the deck. Consult your preferred marina or boatyard for specific questions on how to prepare a boat for transport. All the electronics items must be removed, packed and secured. Lock the cabin and keep the key; Latch and tape all cabin windows on the outside of your boat. For more detailed information check our article Things To Know About Preparing Your Boat For Safe Transportation.

When transporting your boat, your personal boat insurance probably won’t cover any transportation damages. So you need to make sure the shipping company provides additional insurance. Review their insurance policy and you have the written proof of insurance in your hands before handing over your boat. Basic liability insurance won’t cover your boat, so make sure your boat transporter offers cargo insurance Policies. If their base insurance policy doesn’t cover your boat’s value, it may be a good idea to ask about purchasing additional coverage.
Good communication with your boat hauler is the key to ensure a good experience for both of you. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about their pickup and drop-off locations, loading and unloading practices, permits or any other doubts in your mind. You may want to think about looking at another boat mover if they are unwilling or unable to answer your questions professionally.

Before handing your boat, make sure you have all moving-related documents such as the bill of lading, insurance coverage policy and any pictures of the boat. At MoversFolder, we understand the difficulties involved with boat shipping companies and we hope this guide will be helpful in giving you an insight into the subject.

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