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How To Pack and Move Fine Art Paintings

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than an enticing display of fine art paintings. They add layers and visual interest to your home’s interior design and enhance it. These delicate items need to be properly packed and carefully handled with the help of art movers since they are expensive and some of them may hold great sentimental values to you.

When the time comes to move them, they require a skillful and specific approach, so it is always a safe option to hire fine art movers who are equipped and trained to provide the highest standard of art transportation. However, if you are doing it yourself, here we have a few pro tips to help keep your fragile possessions safe during the move.

Before hiring fine art movers and moving them, get your paintings appraised and insured by a qualified professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry by getting your valuables completely covered.

When handling prints or works on paper, try and handle artwork as little as possible since finger oils can damage artwork by leaving smudges and oily residue. You can carry the piece by the top two corners, or support the work from underneath and thereby greatly reduce the risks of creases, bends, or smudges.

If and when required lean canvases against flat surfaces only and make sure nothing presses against the canvas. This may sound obvious but leaning the front or back of a stretched canvas against a sharp object can leave a dent that can irreparably damage the piece.

If your paintings are framed with glass, make a big X on a glass surface with the masking tape of the painting. The tape will protect the painting in case the glass gets broken during the move.

Put a piece of cardboard on the surface before wrapping the painting with bubble wrap, fine tissues and packing paper tightly. Do not use newspapers, since they can leave ink marks on your artwork.

Place the paintings in adjustable moving boxes that can accommodate both the paintings and packing material and make sure to fill all the gaps so as to make sure your valuables cannot move inside the box.

For extremely valuable pieces, it is always better to use wooden crates. Reputable art moving companies will provide custom crates after assessing them and will provide you with all the necessary guidelines.

Lastly, seal the box with the tape and mark it as fragile so that your fine art movers know that there is something breakable and delicate inside.

For temperature-sensitive oil paintings, make sure you rent a climate controlled moving vehicle or art storage unit.

You've spent a considerable amount of time and money to acquire your art collection, and each of your pieces is eccentric and irreplaceable. If you are not sure and worried about your beloved and exquisite artworks, it is safe to hire fine art movers experienced in shipping artwork.

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