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Moving can be a huge step for many of us. It is a time when we close one chapter of our lives and begin another. No matter whether you are moving from a small apartment into a larger apartment or into your new home, moving takes some consideration. The very first question that plagues everyone who needs to move is whether it is better to hire a mover or to do it yourself.

However, if you have decided to save your money and spend your holiday doing the move yourself, you still need to consider to hire a helper and how will you rent a truck for the move. Here are a few things which will help you plan and accomplish the move yourself.

Hire a Helper
You don’t want to go about the move completely alone. Arrange for family and friends to help you load and unload your belongings to make things easier on yourself. If your friends and family are away or busy, hiring a helper would get the job done. Whether you require help for your entire moving or just handling the bulky items, hiring hourly moving labor is a very good idea. You can search online classifieds, but its always better to ask your moving company for a recommendation. At MoversFolder, we can refer you to experienced moving labor.

Rent a truck
The next step is to get a moving truck rental.  The size of the truck depends on how much furniture and belongings you have and how far you need to move. You need to make a moving checklist of all your belongings so that you don’t forget large appliances that you may own along with big and clunky furniture, such as a dresser or your bed.

As for truck rental rates, some truck rental companies will charge a flat daily rate, including a determined amount of miles, while others will charge an inclusive rate. Once you’ve found the right truck rental company for you, you’ll want to reserve that truck way before the moving day. If you wait until moving day to do this, the company may not have a truck available the size you need and want.

Before signing the agreement with the moving truck rental company, learn what the agreement holds as far as coverage for your possessions as well as any accidental damage that can occur to your belongings and the truck as well. You should also know what you’ll be responsible for should you find yourself in an accident or something else crops up like the truck breaking down.

Do it Yourself
Before the move, you also need to make sure you have all the key tools to make the move easier and ensure a safe move. This includes a furniture dolly or utility dolly, which has a large flat base with four wheels, is essential for moving large awkward items and to safely move large pieces of furniture. Moving Ropes and Straps to carry and secure heavy and awkward stuff once they are loaded. Stair-rollers, if you have stairs. Other important stuff like Packing Tape, Scissors, Moving Blanket, pads etc.

As for loading the truck, we suggest moving the largest and heaviest items first followed by longer items like box springs, mattresses, long mirrors, headboards, sofas, and table-tops. Make sure you disassemble bed frames, tables and desks and tape pieces together.

Next, load the largest and heaviest boxes and stack lighter boxes upon them. Place fragile items or awkwardly shaped items on last and don’t forget to stuff any holes with such as bags full of clothes, linens, blankets, and towels to avoid changes to breakage during the move. Also, check our article Packing Boxes, Material And Packing Tips to help you with packing your valuables.

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