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Full-service storage is a new trend in demand and these storage units are like valet style services. If you are selling your house or moving to a new location, de-cluttering the pile at home or storing the memorabilia, considering full-service self storage unit is handy to opt. These service providers take one step further from self-storage practice and make it easy for you by picking up things from your location to deliver at the storage unit.

And to schedule a pick-up from the storage unit, you can do it with smart devices like a phone or laptop. Full-storage service providers are tech-friendly and availing these services can save your time and reduce the fatigue in involving in taking trips to pick and drop the belongings.

Here is the list of top full-service Self-Storage Companies:


Clutter is currently accessible in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Orange County, California. This full-service storage provider company is high tech enabled with pickup and drop off services from start to end.
  • Six different storage plans to choose: a custom plan in which the customer can decide the size they needed, an apartment plan, a studio plan, a garage plan, a closet plan, and an item plan.
  • The company will provide the packing supplies.
  • Photos of each packed box will be taken to maintain a photo inventory.
  • Each item will be interlinked with a unique barcode to make it easy while scheduling a pick up from the storage.
  • Every packaged box will be examined by the movers before loading to make sure it was packed perfectly.
  • Protection plans $1,000 and $2,000
Make Space
MakeSpace is currently accessible in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and DC. This tech-enabled moving and storage company is a customer friendly service provider with pickup and drop off from beginning to the end.
  • Storage plans vary by city and the company charges the customer for the space their belongings have taken.
  • Schedule a pickup or delivery with MakeSpace website or on a mobile app.
  • Supply free bins and wardrobe boxes to the customers to pack the belongings.
  • Takes high-quality photos to make a photo inventory which can be accessible through the website and the app.
  • Schedule a pickup to store bikes, exercise equipment or furniture and the company will pick and deliver for you to store them at the storage facility.
Trove is a full-service storage company and it operates in Greater San Francisco Bay area. It has been started by a Facebook engineer with a motto ‘Storage should be simple’. Their story behind Trove is pretty interesting to know.
  • Schedule pickup through online or by phone
  • Free packing supplies right at the doorstep
  • Belongings will be photographed for photo inventory
  • Schedule drop off can be delivered between 48 to 72 hours.
  • $2.50 per square foot per month which includes packing materials, moving and monthly storage.
  • Minimum of four months commitment and 50 sq. ft. is required to book.
Cubiq a full-service storage company operate in the Greater Boston area. It has pretty decent testimonials from its clients and this company love to be called as ‘personal storage concierge’.
  • Offers durable and commercial grade cubes for packing.
  • Size of a cube 22” x 18” x 12”
  • Inventory cards to record items in each cube
  • Cubes will be securely sealed and transferred to the storage units.
  • 3 Pricing plans to choose
  • Tier 1 pricing plan offers 4 cubes for $29 with no long-term commitment. This plan is enough to hold 100 books or 50 pairs of shoes and small appliances.
  • Tier 2 pricing plan offers 8 cubes for $59 with no long-term commitment. This plan is capable of holding a typical closet’s worth of clothes, or a desk and chair.
  • Tier 3 pricing plan offers 16 cubes for $99 with pay as you go. This plan is capable of holding typical kitchen dishes and small appliances, or a queen mattress and nightstand.
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