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Home and Apartment Supreme Moving Checklist

Our excitement level will be like ‘Whoa! Moving to a new home’, but somewhere in our mind, we get into a panic mode when we think about packing. Such panic leads to an unpreparedness, and finally, we push every task to do one week prior to the D-Day. Well, that’s not how it works.
As moving involves a tremendous effort of packing your belongings, moving to your newly bought home, unpacking those belongings and then placing your valuables in right place. Well, this takes incredulous effort and we would like to chip in some moving tips with our supreme checklist when moving out.

 “Preparedness is the only way we can combat a natural disaster- John Quinlan”

Anxiety comes when we are least prepared and to avoid that, compiling the things to do on a piece of paper will help us to drive through preparedness. Moving should be exciting first and foremost, as you are moving to a whole new place and to boost that excitement, here we go with our moving checklist.

6 Weeks Before:

  • Do inform your landlord 4 to 6 weeks prior that you are going to vacate the house as per lease agreement directions. This helps the landlord to acquire a new tenant swiftly by listing the property.
  • If you plan to hire help for moving, then do some research on moving companies before hiring one. You can check what their customers are talking about them! Ask for quotes from different movers, discuss with friends for better references and then take a call to schedule an in-home estimate.
  • Once you schedule a date with the best quote provider moving company, get the written confirmation as well.
  • Store the documents like agreement with the moving company, new home lease agreement and all other important papers in one folder. So that you can avoid last moment panic moments.
  • Coin a budget which includes your moving company cost, anything you need to set your new home like furniture and eating out.
  • Make sure you initiate a transfer of your renter’s insurance to your new apartment.
4 Weeks Before:
  • Inform a month prior to your move to your child’s school, doctors and employers will always be beneficial for easy moving.
  • Pre-informing to the employer may help you to get a day off.
  • It’s deposition time. Clearing out litter piled up in a house you lived in for a long time is not an easy task. To make it easy let’s start with one room a day.
  • Start selling or donating the things which you don’t need or will not fit in the new house.
  • Gather the moving supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap and a marker pen. You can check with your mover for free or discounted packing material.
  • Ensure the inventory of valuable to avoid last moment regrets.
  • Contact the utility provider for a cancellation from the present place and arrange a transfer to your new place.
  • Apply for a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service.
  • If necessary, change your address with the bank.
  • Look after pet care arrangements if you’re moving out of state.
  • Apply for obtaining school and medical records if changing schools or moving far.
  • Plan your grocery for a month to avoid them moving on the D-Day.
2 Weeks Before:
  •  Confirm with your landlord and hold a garage sale. A little chip in of cash from the items you won’t use can help to counterbalance the moving costs.
  • Reconfirm your scheduled moving date with the movers and with the friends who are helping you.
  • Contact the utility companies to reconfirm about the transfers.
  • Update the new address with newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Inspect the newly rented house and schedule a day for cleaning.
  • If needed, this is the time to apply for a day off for the moving day.
Before A Week:
  • Start packing by room to make unpacking easier. For example, if you have started packing your bedroom then label your boxes properly and place items according to the label.
  • Number your packaged boxes and note them appropriately which ensures you have not missed anything.
  • Confirms arrangements for pets and childcare.
  • Most need utilities when you shift to a new place are internet, gas, and electricity. Call the utility provider and reaffirm the installation date.
  • Validate your moving day details with the movers and helpers.
  • Make sure to arrange a schedule with your landlord before vacating the house. This helps a smooth security deposit decision.
  • Put all your essentials in one box or in a suitcase which you will need for your first few days move.
  • Get the print of a map for movers.
  • Withdraw cash required to pay to the movers and for ordering food on moving day.
On The Moving Day: Moving-to-do-tips (Old House)
  • Before the arrival of your movers, check every corner of the house to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind.
  • Arrange for some refreshments for your moving friends.
  • Assist your movers while they move your items.
  • Share the contact information with your movers.
  • Finally, make sure to lock the doors and windows, and turning off the lights.
  • Before leaving make sure to hand over the keys to your landlord or to put them in a designated spot.
One The Moving Day: Moving-to-do-tips (New House)
  • Reach your new house before the arrival of moving company to unlock the house.
  • Check whether the gates need to be kept open for moving van’s arrival at your unit.
  • Take a walk in the house with your new landlord before moving the inventory boxes. Make notes of terms and take photos in prior to get your security deposit smoothly while moving out in future.
  • While moving boxes, place each box in the respective room accordingly to ease the unpacking.
  • Tip the movers and compensate your friends with a treat.
  • Open your essential box first and then get to work with other boxes if there is any energy leftover for that day.
  • Congratulations on your new apartment.
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