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The most picked alternative among our clientele is a portable moving container to move the valuable belongings like household furnishings from old to a new place. The moving container companies offer wide alternatives to select from moving containers.

In spite of the fact that there are varied moving storage containers in the market to choose, zeroing on the size to accommodate your belongings will play a noteworthy part to keep your moving expenses low.

Types of moving containers

As specified before, moving compartments are accessible in wide assortments in measure and in make too. They are made of different materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood. The reason behind the utilization of different materials is to build the capacity limit.

For instance, a wood container of size 8’ x 7’ x 7’ can deal 2,500 pounds of good, though a similar size container in the steel and aluminum can deal 5,000 pounds. Here, usage of material is specifically corresponding to the heaviness of goods it can deal when we compare with same sizes.

You can discover wood containers with waterproof spreads and couple of different containers with raised floors keeps your assets remain dry on the occasion of water gets in.

Size and Capacities of Moving Container
Moving containers like U-Haul, U-Pack, Door-To-Door Storage, United Mayflower, Smart Box and Smart Move provides a standard sized portable moving container which is capable of holding between a room and a room and a half of family unit things and decorations.

The standard-sized moving container roughly ranges 300 cubic feet of limit per storage container and here’s a detailed interpretation of required moving containers.
  • Two moving containers for an apartment
  • Three moving containers for two to three bedroom house
  • Four moving containers for three to four bedroom house
  • Five moving containers for five or more bedrooms
Some moving companies provide 16-foot long containers fit for dealing 10,000 pounds. Better to inquire with the companies before booking the container.

Important aspects to consider
  • Predetermine what all you need to move before accepting a call with moving company.
  • Above expressed required containers as per the house size are purely approximations, proposed to decide self while considering the approximations.
  • Compare storage sizes like 8’x 8’ x 16’ (offers 1,024 cubic feet) and 8’ x 8’ x 7’ (offers 392 cubic feet) with your prerequisite.

Save Big With These Three Moving Containers

As hiring professional moving company makes a hole in the pocket, it’s best to opt for a portable moving companies if you are a budget minded person. Portable moving containers are viable as well as the moving containers are conveyed right at your entryway.

Once you stack the moving container with your assets, the company will pick up and delivers it to your new home without any hassles. Generally, cost of such move relies upon the size of the container, the period of time, the driver cost and the fuel.

And if you are looking for such quality movers to save money on your next move then here we go with our list of fantastic moving companies.

SMARTBOX is popular among folks for its greatest feature ‘convenience’. You can plan an exact number of SMARTBOX containers you need with their smart concept planning. This technique enables you to pay for what you use with a most extreme scope on your belongings. As SMARTBOX offers unlimited time to pack and load, the moving experience will be distinctive with the adaptable moving schedule.

SMARTBOX provides moving services for Local Moves, Long Distance Moves, Residential Moves, Commercial Moves, DIY Moves, Military Moves etc.,

Sizes of the container
SMARTBOX containers can deal 3000 pounds of your households and furnishings with their on size container units 8 feet long, 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide (8’ x 7’ x 5’). One container of a SMARTBOX suits to a studio or one bedroom. Multiple containers will be essential if it’s a larger move.

COWs (Container On Wheels) is a residential friendly organization with a convenient mobile self-storage over 100 locations in North America. This moving company offers portable weatherproof steel storage containers with wheels to move the container nationwide.

This customer friends moving organization has three moving options, DIY, customized and full service. In DIY, customers need to stack and empty the container all alone. In customized option, the customer can employ a labor to stack heavier things. And in full-service storage customer can go for a company to load and unload.

Size of the container

COWs have moving and storage containers of two sizes to choose, 8 ft. and 16 ft. These sizes are specially designed to fit in a parking spot to give a perfect solution to the apartments and condominium.

Zippy Shell
Scheduling with Zippy shell is easy and delivery comes right on time, if the new moving location lacking a driveway then Zippy Shell has a solution for it. This moving company portable storage moving containers are street legal with license plates and wheels with maneuverability. Once the customer books with Zippy Shell, the moving company arrives right at your place with their moving container. The moving container can be parked in the parking lot and it takes a maximum of two cars space.

Zippy Shell provides residential storage, commercial storage, student storage, military storage and reality storage.

Size of the containers

Zippy has a smaller size container of 7 ft high, 7 ft. wide and 10 ft. long, this small sized container can stack two room household items and furnishings. The larger container of 7 ft high, 7ft. wide and 15 ft. long container can stack a maximum of three room household items and furnishings.

To know more about these portable moving container companies you can enter your location and scheduled a date to get the free moving quotes from Movers Folder. The best moving quote is what you can always expect from us.

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