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  • Do not use abusive or offensive language. Your anger may be well-deserved but do not type in all caps, use too many exclamation points, or use profanity or derogatory language.
  • You should be a customer of the company which you are reviewing.
  • Do not get too emotional and refrain from personal attacks and present the facts as they happened.
  • Reviews should not be written by companies and their employees.
  • Focus on important subjects like the quality of customer service and the punctuality, efficiency, trustworthiness, and attitude of your chosen movers.
  • Check your review for grammar and spelling mistakes to make it easier to read and to make people take your story more seriously.
  • You are writing a review, not a story. While we suggest it not to be too lengthy, it shouldn’t be a one-liner too.
  • Moving company reviews should be honest and straightforward. People believe what is written in them and consider them while making decisions about their moves. So if you want to write a moving review which can be trusted and have maximum impact, please follow the review writing guidelines.
  • Your movers did an excellent job of guiding and assisting you through that tough period of moving house, now it is your turn to let everyone know how good they really are! Your online review will help other people who are getting ready to move decide if that company is right for them. On the other hand, if you had a really bad relocation where things just didn’t work as expected, then it is your obligation to raise a warning flag, tell your unfortunate story and save somebody else from sharing the same fate– you never know who might be taking your piece of advice and actually using it.
  • If you are still wondering whether you should spare few minutes of your time to write a moving review, then think about all the times you have found useful information on the web. Remember a few minutes of your time now may save someone’s hours and even days of trouble. So share your experience because your moving review alone can make all the difference!