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Finding a quality office relocation mover is a judgmental decision to get a hassle-free transition to the new office location. To make your relocation a stress free, you need a tailor-made RFP/RFQ (Request for Proposal/Qualification) from the moving companies. RFP/RFQ assist in selecting the bed bidder for your move. Following are the elements you can include in RFP/RFQ.

  • Request to state the number of years the movers are in the business with the locations they are operating. Can also include the details of a number of employees and the amount of equipment they hold.
  • Affiliations like BBB, Van Lines and other Professional organizations.
  •  Enquire for DoT, ICC, and other applicable licenses.
  • Ask for the task plan they will perform: schedule of move, packing and unpacking, PC’s disconnection and moving, Cubicle disassemble and reassemble, packing materials, equipment they use to move furniture, insurance requirements etc.,
  • Make sure not to accept bids without a site survey.
  • Request the movers for a written chronology of how the move will be planned. Also, ask them to include their crew size, equipment, trucks, the time it will take for the whole operation and techniques they use for safe moving.
  • Request to provide the details of their project manager and lead foreman names and qualifications.
  • Request for fixed bid vs estimated cost in terms of hourly rates.
  • Ask the moving bidders to provide the references of their previous projects they had handled in a span of 1 to 2 years.

Locating the best moving company is not like buying a burger at the outlet. This very task demands a lot of man-hours to make it a safe transit. Above stated elements in the RFP/RFQ can pull out the best quotes from the movers to make your office relocation 100% successful.

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