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Moving Office ? How To Move Computer Equipments

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Moving your office is a huge responsibility. It is complex and it can be costly if you consider the possibility of losses due to equipment damage, which is something you do not want. Many businesses try to move their computers and electronics with other office items, which sometimes leads to a hefty price tag. It is imperative that your organization work with an experienced computer equipment moving company and even learn the basics of packing computers for safe moving to avoid the extensive cost of repair and replacement. Make sure the movers you hire use latest technologies and provide extensive training for its team that includes specialized instruction for moving computer equipment.
Before you move your computer equipment, you need to take the following precautionary steps to keep your computer equipment safe and secure.

• Computer hardware such as monitors, servers, and printers must be wrapped with an anti-static, heavy gauge bubble wrap
• Label your cords by simply writing on a piece of masking tape describing what the plug is for, and where it should be plugged into your system. Then tie them and place them in a storage container or plastic bag and keep them with the computer.
• Place these equipment in specialized carts or boxes. Fill the empty spaces with Styrofoam to prevent interior movement and then securely wrap them. Pack your printer, scanner, and other computer equipment the same way, ensuring that nothing can shift while in transit.
• Mark all sides of the box with FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP with an arrow indicating the direction and that the box contains a computer box or monitor.
• Loading and transportation by a trained mover to ensure a smooth ride to the new office

Another reason why you would want to hire an equipment mover with a computer equipment moving experience is that they also offer decommissioning for your obsolete technology. There are many old and outdated equipment in the office which you do not want to move to your new location. However, due to sensitive information, you cannot just throw them away. You need to destruct these equipments properly, which is rather inconvenient and time-consuming to do it yourself. Some professional moving companies can triple-drill your hard drives or offer DOD-approved double-swipe data removal so that your company's information is never at risk once the items have gone through the disposal process. They can also send your decommissioned computer equipment to a recycling facility to complete your green relocation.

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