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If your corporate relocation is coming up, then it’s better to hire trained professional office movers to move your furniture, computer systems, and any other office equipment during the office move. Don’t allow your employees to lift or move heavy objects, it may result in a strained muscle. It’s advisable to opt for professional office moving service during such relocation plans.

Office moving services provider own a well-trained skillful people who know exactly what to do at every step of corporate relocation. Whether it’s disassembling or re-assembling, they knew the best and work as per manufacturer recommendations with your furniture and computer systems. Also, explore our article How to Move Computer Equipments.

Here’s are some office moving tips

  • Provide a carton and moving supplies to every employee to pack their cubicle contents. Ask them to remove all their content from the desk. Instruct the employees to integrate the office belongings in shared cartons to save the carton space. Make sure they are properly labeled.
  • Place the files in a carton designated for it while corporate moving.
  • Take out all contents and then pack the supply cabinet. Lock or tape the cabinet doors closed.
  • Take all the books from the bookcases and pack them in a designated carton.
  • Pack all your belongings in the office before the corporate moving day. Involve only the team coordinator on a moving day with the movers. Make sure that every employee understands when the move will be and what they need to do.
  • Take an inventory of what you have and what you could probably do without in your new space. Moving is a perfect time to upgrade some of your pieces of equipment.
Office movers will do their job much more efficiently if you have a plan of action ready to go before they arrive. Being a business owner, your major concern should be minimizing downtime. With a corporate relocation, you can expect to miss at least a few hours of productivity, but that doesn't mean you should miss entire days.

So, have everything ready to go to the new building or office where you are moving, including electricity, internet, and anything else you need to get to work. Make sure to impress upon your staff the importance of getting back to work as soon as possible. Settling in will take some time, but it's better to work in a half-finished environment for a while than to miss valuable time.

If you are looking for a professional office moving service providers, then make use of our corporate relocation tool where MoversFolder can pull movers quotes from professional office movers.

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