Moving Insurance Policies And Coverage Tips

Moving Insurance Policies And Coverage Tips

Got your new home and moving soon? Congratulations on your relocation. Moving is a stressful job which can’t be ignored, but it can be planned perfectly to avoid unpleasant scenarios. It isn’t wrong to expect a reliable and responsible moving company as it demands an expert to look after packing, loading, delivering and unloading.

People get bewildered to choose the most potential moving company from the list of available movers in the market. So, to avoid such confusion, Movers Folder decoded the process of choosing a potential mover to help their customers.

Ask For Referrals

Instead of spending hours on the internet to find the best one, you can ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to suggest a moving company which they utilized for their move earlier. You can also avail our ‘Get The Free Quotes’ tool to get the potential moving company quotes from our vast network.

Get more than one quote

Always prefer to go for more than one quotes as no company gives you a perfect estimate of your moving. It’s better to get at least three quotes from the moving companies to pick the best.

Look for red flags

Watch out the estimates provided by the moving companies, assess the professionalism of the movers, check how good they can answer your questions and inquire about the professional moving equipment they own.

Choose the licensed and insured movers

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides a U.S.DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) number to the licensed movers. If your purpose of the move is of long-distance or intrastate then request to show the US DoT number of the company. To know more, explore the FMCSA website.

Confirm With Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Find the reputation of the moving company online on Better Business Bureau for free. It better to choose the moving company which is listed on BBB with a reasonable good rating.

Enquire About Professional Accreditation

Moving companies get evaluated by trade associations to issue an approved seal. Most moving companies which are approved carry the American Moving and Storage Association logo on the ProMover.

Confirm The Address

If an expert comes in person to meet, then ask for a business card and cross check the same address on the website. The address should be registered under the company name, better to inquire if the listed address is on the residential name.

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