Boost Your Luck With Moving Superstitions This Good Friday

Boost Your Luck With Moving Superstitions This Good Friday

Good Friday is around the corner and while many people mark this day by participating in church services and processions, for others, it is the start of a long weekend. So, this religious holiday, if you are thinking of buying or selling your house or even moving to new one, we thought we would share some traditions and superstitions which might just bring some good luck for you – you never know!

There's something about moving, either buying or selling or sometimes even renting that brings out the superstition in people. People want to ensure that they can either sell their home quickly and effortlessly or move into a home with a new "worry free" start. Even if you are all logical kind of person who prefers to make your own luck, you may still want to consider some good luck rituals when moving into a new house. So here are some best and most quirky tips ever and we hope that these old wives tales may help you bring some luck.

  • If you’re interested in a house, bring your cat and send him out into the yard. If he comes running back, quickly, the house is unlucky. If the cat stays a while, put in an offer because, you've found yourself a home!
  • Never bring an old broom into your home. Old brooms also carry the negative aspects of your life along with the dust and dirt of your old home.  A new broom signifies a fresh start in your new home.
  • Feel you found your dream home? Then make sure the first person to enter the home carries bread or rice and salt into the home. Sprinkle salt in front of the door, after crossing the threshold, to keep evil spirits away. Also, scatter some coins in the living room to bring in prosperity.
  • Light a candle on the first night in a new home. The burning candle chases away shadows of evil and brings light by bestowing a blessing upon the residents.
  • Another similar house blessing ritual is burning or smudging sage. Burn a bundle of white sage, wrapped with thread and accompanied by lavender or other fragrant herbs to clear out negative energy and protect your home from evil spirits.
  • Ring a bell in your new house to scatter atrophic energies and summon good fortune.
  • According to a Jewish superstition, bad luck will ensue if you put shoes on a dresser or table.
  • Ward of ghosts by painting your front porch blue. This superstition tells that ghosts can cross water and painting your porch blue would confuse ghosts into thinking the porch was made of water, so they wouldn’t enter the home.
  • According to old Irish tradition, the first time you leave your home, make sure you and your guests enter and exit using the same door you entered otherwise you’ll have bad luck.
  • Never move in on a Friday, or a rainy day or when the moon is waxing as they are considered unlucky and may prevent you from ever truly settling into your new home. Wednesdays or Saturdays are the best days for moving.
All superstitions and rituals for moving into a new house serve a single purpose to ensure an optimistic move and bring good luck to your new life. Whether to take them seriously or chuckle at them is up to you and how they affect us depends on our beliefs and traditions.

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