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Why are People Moving Into Tiny Houses?

Tags:  Moving Tips  | 01-13-2021

Before we set out on the journey into the tiny world, let’s check out what a tiny house is. There may be varied opinions but, on an average, any house with a total covered area not more than 400 square feet may be said to be a tiny house. An average house in The United States is spread over an area of around 1500-2500 square feet.

It is not just that people with more spacious homes are all the more content and happier. There are numerous people out there vying to downsize their living space due to reasons personal to economic. There has been a sort of tiny movement around. Tiny houses have an edge over the larger homes on many grounds which we will be discussing here. Before that, it must be kept in mind that not all states have made tiny houses legal. Then there are territories where tiny homes come under the grey side of the law. In some places, tiny houses require to be grid connected and need a mandatory building permit. The law also takes into consideration if the house is stationary or movable. So, before one opts to go for a tiny home must check out what the law states in the area.

The tiny houses offer the following advantages over their larger counterparts:

1 - Tiny Homes Are an Economically Viable Option

Living in the United States has been an expensive one. Let alone buying one, even renting out a home takes away a big part of salary. The rates vary with the states but on an average, a normal size rented accommodation in the United States may cost you around $900-1500 monthly. The cost of buying the same is around $ 2,00,000-3,00,000. Tiny houses can be bought for just around $20,000 – 30,000. It has been found that the average living expenses may be reduced to 60% as one opts to live in a tiny house. There are less taxes and less insurance premium to be paid. Thus, the tiny houses are ideal for those with little savings just like the elderly.

2 - Tiny Homes Are Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly
The tiny homes do not use much non-renewable materials. Rather most are constructed using wood, boards, panels, foam and sheets. There are not many emissions or pollution triggering factors. The carbon footprint is considerably low. There is less consumption of electricity as many tiny houses use solar energy. Then there are tiny houses employing incinerator toilets and compost toilets which are water saving. All these techniques make tiny houses an environment friendly option. Due to close proximity to external environmental surroundings, tiny houses allow better environmental awareness and stay in sync with nature.

3 - Tiny Houses Promote a Simple Life

This is a major pro with the tiny homes that they ensure a life reflecting simplicity, self-sufficiency and peace.  There is more organization, less clutter and least distractions. Moreover, those in favor of tiny houses feel they offer more room for an adventure filled life. People living in micro homes have more time for social interactions and exploring the outside world. People feel that they are happier and more content in their tiny little world.

4 - Less Maintenance Required In Tiny Houses

Size does matter. For obvious reasons, a large house will need more time and money to maintain as compared to the tiny one. In case of tiny houses, there is less area to be maintained and less plumbing and electrical wirings to be taken care of. The repair and fitting works, when needed, can be undertaken swiftly without much hassles. Most materials used in the making of a tiny home are easily available, replaceable and manageable.

5 - More Room for Customization

Tiny Home Customization
Tiny houses being simple structures are easy to modify as per personal needs. There is more room for maneuverability and incorporate need-based changes. The owners can do the fittings, installations, décor and things like flooring as per their tastes and preferences. There is not much effort to be done and not much expenses involved. One can unleash his/her creativity with much ease as the canvas is small and handy and there are big results with small efforts.

6 - Less Time Taken to Clean

The smaller a house, the less time it will take to clean and dust. Then comes the routine maintenance like repairs and painting etc. The tiny houses prove to be time, money and energy efficient. This is a major boon for the dwellers. Moreover, due to mobility provision, a tiny house can be shifted to the desired direction to avoid direct entry of dust, snowfall and rain.

7 - Tiny Homes Offer More Liberty

This is one of the prominent reasons for people falling for the tiny house concept. The tiny houses offer more room for a liberal and free life. The family can spare more time with themselves and can better afford to interact with the outside world. The tiny homes do not occupy much of the space, do not demand much of the time and attention and allow the family to be on their own. The families have ample time to indulge in activities they cherish.

8 - Tiny Houses Have Mobility Option

This is yet another pro for the tiny homes. Most tiny houses are actually houses on wheels. They can be transported like a vehicle. The family can have the feel of different places and communities without having to invest at all locations. Most builders use steel, wood and panels to make the mobile tiny homes which are moved on trailer jacks and wheels. With the tiny houses having easy mobility provision, they offer a more thrilling experience as the owners can take them to the desired locations without much hindrance.

9 - Tiny Houses Help Remove Homelessness Problem

A large number of persons in the United States and many parts of the world cannot afford to own a home of their own. The tiny houses being far less economical than usual sized houses bring them within the reach of many. (A typical median house in The United States can be available at around $ 2,00,000-3,00,000 whereas a tiny house can be bought for just $ 20,000-30,000). Not just buying costs, the rentals, insurance, liabilities of tiny houses are quite affordable too. The countries like The United States and Netherlands have seen an upsurge in the tiny house culture and tiny villages are fast coming up. In this way, tiny houses are solving the problem of homelessness to some extent. Tiny houses are, in fact, a dream come true for many home seekers who wished to have their own home at some time of their lives.

10 - Tiny Houses Teach Life Philosophy

In the mad race of materialism in the world, people seem to have long forgotten the simple pleasures of life. Tiny houses in a way bring people closer to the innocent joys of life. The micro house concept promotes simple, clutter free life with less materialistic things around. It is in the tiny houses that people realize the importance of simplicity and more conscious life where they can be themselves. The tiny houses, thus, also act as a means of teaching people some forgotten chapters of life.

Tiny houses being economical fall in the reach of several people who would have otherwise not afforded to buy a home. There are tiny communities coming up which helps tackle the problem of homelessness.

Although there are cons too that put tiny houses in the shady area. The first issue is with the legality aspect. Tiny houses might not be accepted by law in several locations. Then, there are safety issues. Some people may say that a simply tiny house (there are no foundations) cannot withstand a strong gale of wind. Another factor is that they require frequent cleaning. Whatever the debate, the trend of tiny homes is here to stay. The micro living concept is gaining popularity and the advocates of the tiny movement are all game for it.

What are the growing trends in a typical modern life? What are the most practical ways to keep our moving and relocation delightful? Stay friends with and get updates on all what makes life better and a smooth ride.


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