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Which States Allow Tiny Houses in USA?

Tags:  Things To Consider,  Moving And Storage  | 01-12-2021

Are you excited to build your dream tiny house? The first thing you need to do is find a perfect place to build it. Unfortunately, many U.S states and cities have certain rules and regulations, along with specific building codes in residential areas. In fact, it is tough to find a residential place where it is legal to build a house that is less than 1000 square feet. This makes it difficult to find a tiny house friendly state or city in the US and that also happens to be a great place.

Here are the Top 5 Popular Cities Where you can Buy or Build a Tiny House:

1) Brevard NC

Brevard NC is well located in the heart of blue ridge mountains, it allows residents to have tiny houses and have an amazing setting for parking tiny houses. Downtown Brevard is a perfect place for families and retirees, due to their annual festivals and celebrations, and not to forget its scenic surroundings. There are many beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails and many other recreational activities within a short distance from the city.

As per the Tiny House Initiative for Brevard, they allow a tiny house as a secondary dwelling which needs to be smaller than 800 square feet. It means a person can build a tiny house under their own property. And according to the government, all tiny houses should have solid foundations instead of being on wheels.

2) Green Bridge Farm of Guyton, GA

Guyton, Georgia is home to many tiny houses, and the tiny house community resides in the city. The community is known as Green Bridge Farm, and it is centred around an organic farm. The city is a popular choice of people who own a tiny house and prefers to have a simple life. Similar to many tiny house communities, Green Bridge Farm community allows houses to be built only on a solid foundation.

3) Spur, TX

It is the nation’s first tiny house friendly city and thus has become popular among people who are looking to go tiny. The town is small in size but is a tight-knit community. The town is full of recreational activities like hiking trails, golf courses, sports centres and many parks for residents. In order to attract people, Spur is the first town that allows people to build or buy tiny houses on a solid ground foundation with fewer restrictions and guidelines.

4) Fresno, CA

Fresno is the most populous city of California and it is popular as it is a tiny house friendly city. The city offers a strong economy and affordable neighbourhood. Fresno is surrounded by several farms and it is the first city in the country to allow tiny houses on wheels like backyard cottages.

5) River View at Cleora in Salida, CO

Those who are looking for a tiny house should consider moving to Salida. This is because the town has approved the building of 200 tiny houses in the area of River View at Cleora at Salida. As per the planned development, the town will be the largest tiny house community in the country. The town is also a great place to live in.


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