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Where to Get Free Moving Boxes Near You?

Moving itself is a hectic task, the expenses might drill a hole in your pocket. Moving long-distance can be more daunting. There are always ways to reduce hassles and costs.

Though you can’t do much in the moving charges which the moving companies ask for. But, yes, you can certainly think of ways that can cut costs which you can best find on relevant sections on Moversfolder. (Suggested reading: How Can Moving Costs be Reduced? on Moversfolder). One such method is to procure your moving boxes for free. Here are a few places that will happily give you those boxes.

Start from your Own Home

This may seem surprising but yes, it is wonderfully true. Before we shoot to other options, just survey your own home, particularly the store - room and the garage. Some large boxes which came with the TV, washing machine or fridge etc. might still be lying intact there. Go grab them and use them for your next move.

After securing your own boxes, you can hunt for some more from nearby friends’ and neighbours’ homes.

Why Leave Your Own Office?

Can an office of today think of doing without boxes? No. How did the big computers, hardware, coffee machines, photocopiers arrive? There are good chances that some of the big boxes might be biting the dust in the stores. Take due permission and procure the size needed by you.

Large Stationery Shops/Showrooms

One of the most certain places, you are likely to get free boxes of different sizes at large stationery shops. Books come in large numbers and stationery businesses rely on sturdy boxes which are dumped after getting the stock out. All you have to do is approach the shop with friendly smiles and ask for the boxes. In all probability, you will get some. There is nothing like that if a known person is working at the shop. Similarly, you can try the library in your neighborhood.

The same way you can contact departmental stores, Starbucks, schools, colleges, wholesalers’ establishments in your locality. You can get the required boxes in varied sizes.

Try the Orchards Nearby

Those putting up in rural settings have yet another option. The orchards/gardens in the vicinity are likely to have large cardboard boxes which they use while packing fruits. Step into the orchard and try to procure some boxes.

Go to Some Online Portals

Scroll Craigslist, U-Haul customer service, Walmart, Offer Up etc. for your requirements. A large number of people throng these sites to get free moving boxes. Craigslist is a widely used portal. Visit the free section and check if somebody is giving away moving boxes for free. Similarly, U-Haul has a customer connect link where U-Haul box exchange can be a great help for you.

Join a Freecycle Groups

There is a website Freecycle where people from groups give/take away free things needed by them. You can join and find if free moving boxes are being available there.

Exploit the Power of Social Media

Social media is all into our lives these days. Keeping distractions aside, social media can be a great place to place your request. Text your requirements on WhatsApp groups or Facebook community groups and similar platforms. Help will pool in from friends (and strangers too) in the form of free offerings. Remember, we all have cardboard boxes lying dumped in remote corners of our homes which we can easily spare.

Reach Out to Previous Movers Around

Moving, relocation and changing stations is so common in The United States. Wherever you are, there will be people around you who moved recently or a little more back. Ask them politely if they have spare boxes now useless to them.

Ask your Hiring Movers Themselves

Many moving companies on their websites keep a provision for help beyond supplying moving services. One such assistance is giving away moving boxes at nominal prices.

Step Into those Cardboard Recycling Centre

Look out for any cardboard recycling places in your neighbourhood. You can hope to get your supplies from there. Also, some centres have a specified area where people can dispose off their used boxes for other persons.

Visit Apartment Complexes

One way to get free moving boxes is your apartment complex, even the near ones. Since people are always moving in and out, there are pretty chances some boxes of moving quality are available in the complexes.

Jump Into Pet Stores

We don’t mean to say that the furry friends are packed in boxes. But their food, toys, litter boxes etc. do need spacious boxes. In other words, there is a lot of box business in the pet trade. So, your nearest pet shops are another place you can jump in to have free moving boxes.

There might be some other places too which may be having regular supplies of boxes. The above list includes some of the commonest and most probable ones only. The tip is to grab the boxes of your required sizes wherever easily and permissibly possible. As said before, moving itself is a costly affair, it would not be a bad idea to save as much as you can through any practical means. Getting moving boxes for free is one such means. Happy Moving!

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