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When Is the Best Season to Move?

Tags:  Before Moving,  Moving Tips,  Moving And Storage  | 07-06-2021

A move is a personal issue. Where and when to move depends upon one’s circumstances - personal, professional, health, academic, family, and social obligations. This makes people pick different seasons for the move.

When one faces a compulsion to move due to any of the reasons, planning the move is crucial. There are a lot of things to be planned – the time of the move, hiring professional movers, packing, checking the conditions of the new location, job prospects, and academic facilities at the new place, etc. Whereas dedicated blogs and write-ups have been worked out on to guide you on every aspect of planning and executing a move, this discussion throws an insight into the merits and demerits of moving in different seasons. If you are moving locally, you may move in any season without having not much to worry about climatic conditions of distantly located places. But, if it is long-distance moving, you must follow this guide to update yourself on the merits and demerits of moving in different seasons.

The discussion below highlights only the general trends in moving and deliberates on the pros and cons of picking different seasons for moving. Though most people move during summers, many opt to move between the September and April time window. Different seasons offer different advantages and disadvantages which are elaborated below.

1) The Summer Season

The summer season is the time when most families tend to move since the season corresponds with the starting of new sessions at schools. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of picking this season for your move.


The Season Coincides with the Schooling Sessions: The first advantage of moving in the summer season is, of course, that you can save your schooling days. There is no fear of missing out on the initial days of classes.

Vacation Time for Many: Summertime is also vacation time for many people. Professionals and workers from several fields prefer to go on vacations during summertime. Thus, one may spare availing special days off from work if one moves during vacations.

Vacations at Schools: Summertime is also the vacation time at schools. Thus, you can spare yourself the ordeal of shuttling between the children’s schools and taking care of moving-related activities which already tend to be chaotic.

Good Time to Hold Garage Sales: Summertime has brighter, sunnier, and longer days. This is also a good time to hold a garage sale for the stuff you would not be moving.


High Pricing: The first and foremost disadvantage of moving during the summer season is the shooting of prices. Professional moving companies are a lot busy during the summer season due to a lot of people preferring to move during this season. The business soars during this season and moving dates get packed to capacity. This consequently ups the pricing.

Harsh Weather: The weather conditions are another disadvantage in the summer season. The places like Louisiana, Arizona, and Arkansas have to bear harsh summers which might make the moving messier. Many other places too are known to undergo a sweltering summer season which might leave your moving a nightmare.

Less Flexibility to Pick Moving Dates: Since the moving companies do brisk business during summertime, the dates are often packed. So, you have less liberty to pick your moving dates.

2) The Fall

The fall season or the autumn is the time between the summer season and the winter season. In the United States, the fall season usually falls between September through November. Since most people tend to move during summers due to academic sessions and schooling reasons, the moving families reduce to some extent in the fall season.


Fall in Moving Prices: The best advantage of moving in the fall season is the fall in moving prices. The moving companies are busiest in the summer season due to obvious reasons, and the fall season falling immediately after pushes the companies to slash prices due to reduced business.

Companies are Flexible: The autumn time being a sort of off-season for moving operators, the companies are generally flexible during this time. You can save yourself from the movers throwing tantrums.

More Flexibility to Pick your Moving Dates: Further, since there might not be too many families moving, you also have some extra room to pick your moving dates.

Moderate Temperature Conditions: Another advantage of moving in the fall season is the moderate weather conditions. The weather is not too hot or too cold. So, you can hope to move in pleasant weather and a delightful mood.


Missing Out on Earlier Class Days: The major disadvantage of moving during autumn is the chances of your children missing out on some earlier days of the new school session.

You Have to Deal with Foliage: Since this is the fall season, leaves fall lavishly on the roads. So, it is natural that more foliage would have to be cleared from the lanes and sidewalks for smooth loading and unloading of your household stuff into your vehicle or moving truck. A generous spread of leaves on roads might also affect the smooth plying of your vehicles on the roads.

3) The Winter Season

Some locations in the United States are known to face extreme winter conditions. Moving during winters have their own merits and demerits.


Low Pricing: The striking advantage of moving in the winter season is the fall in the rates quoted by professional moving companies.

Fewer People Move:
There is not expected to be much rush during the winter season. So, there is the flexibility of opting for dates of your choice.

No Tormenting Heat: The sweltering heat of summer makes moving uncomfortable. Moving during winter spares you the ordeal of the scorching heat of the summer season.

Fewer Rentals: It has been observed that rentals are competitive during the winter months (December to March). This is another cool advantage of moving into a new rental accommodation during the winter season.


Harsh Winters Can Affect the Move: The main disadvantage is when the temperature dips below a comfortable level and the weather becomes harsh. The worst is when there is a hailstorm, frost, and snowfall. All these weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable in the winter months and lead to moving obstacles. Transportation especially of heavier stuff becomes nightmarish. You might have to shovel the snow from the sidewalks.

Extra Care and Winter Wear are Required: If you must move during winters, be prepared to get some extra winter wear like warm jackets, snow wear, neck protectors, thermals, gloves, snow-boots, blankets, and goggles, etc. Also, you need equipment like shovels, snow brushes, ice scrapers, etc.

May Spoil Vacations: People also take vacations during winters. A chaotic move might kill the joy of vacation.

4) The Spring Season

The Spring season is known to be the most pleasant and cheerful time of the year. Here are the pros and cons of moving during the spring season. Let’s check it out.


Pleasant Time: Springtime is a pleasant time of the year with blossoming flowers defining the mood. You are cheerful and better up for any activities.

Days are Bright: The Winter season has just bid farewell and brighter days are ahead. You can get extra daytime hours.

No Harsh Weather: Spring is the time when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The absence of harshness in weather is a good advantage to pick this season for your move.
Pricing lesser than summer. Though company pricing is more than winters but still lower than the coming summer season.

Advantages for School Children: Some schools observe spring break during the season. This makes it easy to move during the spring season with the school-going kids. The children can ease their way into their new school more comfortably.


High Pricing: Taking advantage of the spring season, many people pick the spring season for their move. This results in high pricing quoted by the professional movers. But the rates are not yet as high as they are expected to shoot during summer.

Less Flexibility: For the same reason as above, you get less flexibility to pick your moving dates.

Health factors: Spring is also the time of pollen floating in the air. This makes this season inappropriate to move for those suffering from allergies like sneezing, itching eyes, pollen allergies, asthma, rhinitis, etc.

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