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7 Ways to Use Garbage Bags When Moving

Packing is one tedious task of moving, which we all probably hate, so we are always looking for simple, efficient and affordable ways to pack our stuff. While there are many fancy and costly supplies available in the market for packing, but if you are looking for budget-friendly packing material, then Garbage Bags are your savior!

To decrease the cost of your moving process, you can use garbage bags instead of cardboard boxes. Do you not believe us? Then read on to know how garbage bags can also turn out to be more helpful and affordable alternatives.

You can transform your garbage bags into valuable assets to reduce moving expenses and the best part is, they are readily and easily available in stores.

1. What Sort of Garbage Bags you Should Utilize

Fortunately, you can easily purchase garbage bags from any general store, and they are truly economical. The bad news is that you will not be utilizing those garbage bags to collect your trash, but you'll be using these garbage bags to pack some of your things while moving out, so here are a few things to consider:
  • Buy garbage sacks from a trustworthy brand name such as Hefty to protect your garbage bags from wear and tear during the process. Avoid using common plastic bags that are generally of poorer quality.
  • Pick the biggest garbage bags that you can find as it is more advisable to have extra space, and it is best not to fill them to their maximum capacity.
  • It would be best if you pick the thickest garbage bags possible so that they won't be able to tear up quickly when they are full of your belongings. Try to pick the garbage bags for outdoor use, which come for heavy lifting as they are made up of strong material.
  • Remember to utilize clean garbage bags to pack and move your things – that is, perfectly new plastic bags that have never been used before.

2. What to Pack & What Not to Pack in Garbage Bags

What to Pack: Garbage bags are extraordinary for packing soft goods, like inexpensive garments and shoes with level and thin heels, sheets, decorative liners, covers, cushions, clothes, towels, socks, or perhaps some soft toys too.

What NOT to Pack:  Garbage bags are NOT reasonable for packing fragile or important things or sharp items inside them.

3. Use Garbage Bags to Pack Garments

One magnificent packing hack during a move is to utilize garbage bags to pack hanging garments in your wardrobe. This strategy for shipping garments is really simple, amazingly speedy, and cheap.

Remember that utilizing garbage bags to move garments works with standard clothes that you wouldn't see any problems getting wrinkled during the move. Ensure you use particular cardboard boxes to pack and move your expensive garments.

4. Use Garbage Bags to Cover Your Cardboard Boxes

Packing paper and bubble wrap are the best materials to arrange the base and the sides of the cardboard boxes before you start packing your things into them.

If you need additional protection for your things and an affordable replacement for bubble wrap, cut a garbage bag and place them on the base and side of the cardboard box. They act as an additional separator and are particularly useful when moving during rain.

5. Use Garbage Bags to Move Plants

If you are confused about how to pack plants safely so that they don't get destroyed in the moving process, using a garbage bag is an amazing way. To protect your other packed things from scattered soil or any other mess created through plants, you can keep the lower part of the plant inside a garbage bag so that if the soil gets spilt, it will be in a garbage bag only, which is easy to clean afterwards.

Here are some more essential moving tips to move plants that you can consider to ensure your plants reach safely to your new place. Ensure you keep the leafy part of the plant outside the plastic packaging so that the plant can get natural air and daylight and thereby protect your plants from choking.

6. Use Garbage Bags As An Additional Layer of Protection on Gadgets

It's a smart thought to wrap up gadgets like TVs, printers, and speakers when you're moving them, and a garbage bag is an excellent way to keep dampness, soil, and debris out from the electronic gadgets.

We don't recommend using the garbage bags for electronic items as this can damage them but can be used as a plastic wrap around the electronics to provide that extra layer of protection.

7. Garbage Bags Can be Used Instead Of Moving Boxes

Every packing material has its benefits and disadvantages. Like cardboard boxes are best to keep those things that are fragile and can get damaged during the move. But cardboard boxes are an expensive packing material, and they can get wet and weak while moving in the rain.

If you are looking for an affordable option to keep your inexpensive and soft items, garbage bags are a suitable option. Unlike cardboard boxes, garbage bags don't take much space, and they can be stored anywhere easily. Using garbage bags, you are creating more space in your moving vehicle as they can get squeezed anywhere.

Garbage bags are not only used to remove the trash, but they can also be helpful to pack your items during the move, particularly when you are looking for a budget-friendly move and have less space to store things while moving.

One more important tip is that after moving and settling in your new space, don't throw away your garbage bags; reuse them as much as possible to protect your environment. Best of luck with your move!

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