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Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you have just moved

Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you have just moved

Every February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the country by exchanging candy, flowers, and gifts between loved ones. But what if you are caught up moving with your loved ones on this holiday of love. While you are busy with hiring a professional mover which Moversfolder can help you with, thinking about various moving activities and organizing your gas and electricity connection, you definitely don’t want to miss celebrating this romantic holiday with your loved ones. So, here are few last-minute ideas that will let you show how much you care even though you were busy with moving.

Stay-in: After all the stress of moving in, sometimes there’s nothing more luxurious than just being with someone and staying in with them. Order a pizza, stay in bed all day, play low effort games and give your significant other de-stressing massages.

Eat at home: Cook at home instead of making a reservation at home. And if you have recently moved, just order some take-out, curl up with your partner with some romantic movie and enjoy the day.

Camping out: Set up a campfire in the backyard, get a tent or sleeping bags or some blankets. Leave the boxes and stress of moving inside the house and snuggle up with your partner and enjoy a bottle of champagne with your partner in your new backyard.

Romantic Gifts: If you have a busy schedule and you have decided to unpack on Valentine’s day, then make it fun and exciting by hiding some romantic notes and gifts in boxes while packing them. So, when your partner finds them while unpacking, they will receive your dose of love and thereby reduce the stress of moving.

Private music/dancing: Put in some romantic music while unpacking to build the mood. And for a twist, play up slow music, dim the lights and ask your significant other to dance with you in your living room after your work is done. This is not only relaxing after a stressful move but it also helps build up moment in your relationship.

Dig up Memories: While you’re packing to move to your new place, you would definitely come across your old love letters and saved gifts. Break out your old love letters and items while unpacking at your new home and read them together. Nothing like reading the musings of early love to rekindle some romance.

Choose a movie: Choose a romantic movie together and snuggle up with your partner on the sofa to enjoy it. Don’t forget to get delicious snacks and popcorn and enjoy quality time with your partner.

Be a tourist: If you’re moving to a new location, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by being a tourist and learning about your new city with your loved one. Even if you have moved to the same city, there’s likely some attraction — whether it’s a park, restaurant or museum — that you’ve never been to. So, take this holiday to get to know your city a little better with your loved one.

Moversfolder wishes a happy Valentine’s Day to all those couples planning on moving in together during this romantic season and hope that they find their perfect movers from our wide database of movers who will make their move smoothly.

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