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7 Ways a Self-Storage Unit can Make your Life Easier

Tags:  Self Storage,  Moving Tips  | 01-02-2021

Moving from one place to another is nothing less than a lifetime experience of your life. It includes so many moving tasks, with plenty of intermediate steps, and often with a tight schedule. And this is why a lot of people choose to store certain items rather than moving their complete household belongings.

However, you cannot just stuff your items in the storage units. No matter what is the size of your storage or what things you are planning to store, it is important to organize your storage. No one wants to have a messy locker and keep finding the things at the time of need, it can burden your work and can make your move feel overwhelming. With this guide, learn how you can keep your self-storage organized so that you can find your belongings easily and make your life easier.

1 - Choose your Storage Containers Wisely

When you open your storage unit, you must know where your belongings are at a single glance. It will save you from opening 50 boxes to find the one box you need at that time. To make this happen, always get clear and transparent containers for your storage unit, so that you can easily see their insides without opening them and they are stronger than cardboard boxes. You can also get containers that are transparent but have colored lids, and then keep similar items in the same coloured containers.

2 - Label your Boxes

Labelling your storage boxes will make your life easy. You might think that you will always remember which box has your winter clothes, but it may not always be the case, especially if you are storing for long terms. In that case, it will be easier for you if you label every box with clear labels using dark black and bold pen. Ensure you put the label on the front of every box and keep the label side on the front of the locker. You can also check our article about What to Write on Moving Boxes?

3 - Make an Inventory Map of your Belongings

Even if you use colour coded containers or labels, the most tricky task is to figure out what belongings are in which coloured containers. This is where an inventory map will come in handy. Simply make a detailed inventory list as per your containers and place it on the top of the storage locker’s wall. This will give you a clear idea about which locker has what belongings and what colours have what certain items.

4 - Keep your Frequently Used Items at the Front

You don't want to shuffle and rearrange your storage unit every time you need something out of it. So, while making your inventory figure out all the items that you would need regularly and make sure they are placed in the front for easy access.

5 - Go Vertical

When you are choosing your storage containers, make sure they are of the same size and can be easily stacked on top of each other. When you are stacking the boxes, make sure you put heavy things at the bottom to get a strong base. Another option you can try is adding shelving in your storage unit so that you have easy access to the boxes which are at the bottom and without any fear of jostling other boxes.

6 - Upgrade the Size of your Storage Unit

If you have extra space in your storage unit, it will make your life easier as you will then be able to easily locate the boxes and belongings in your storage locket. If you have a large storage unit, you can stack your boxes in U shape and can stand in the middle of the room, and can easily locate the colour or label of the box you are looking for. Learn more how to choose the unit size with our Essential Self Storage Tips to Save Dollars.

7 - Repack your Boxes

Sometimes we pack boxes in a hurry and have not opened them for a while and you have no idea about what is inside them. It may sound like a daunting task, but repacking them and labelling them again is never a bad idea, it will save you hassle in the long term and also saves your time.

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The above tips will help you have an organized storage so that you can locate your belongings easily and conveniently or learn more here with our other Tips When Packing Your Belongings for Storage.  As for moving your items to your new home or perhaps to your storage unit, let help you find the best movers whom you can trust. Along with free moving quotes from licensed and insured movers, benefit from varied moving tips and guides here.

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