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Types Of Moves And Moving Companies

Moving to a new location is often considered as an adventurous journey. To make this adventurous journey a successful one, the first step of relocation needs to choose a right moving company. There are full-service movers, self-service movers, DIY truck rental, specialized movers and commercial movers. Wait! Before moving ahead did you finalized which sort of move you are about to choose? Well, this very step creates more confusion to the customers who are not familiar with the sort of moving options available in the moving industry. Here, through our guide, you can explore the types of moving companies and moving services they deliver to fulfill the customer needs.



Local movers operate within the boundaries of the same state. The major parameter of Local Moving Companies is to move to your new house should be within the radius of 100 miles from your former house.


Long-Distance movers are considered when the distance exceeds 100 miles. Such Long Distance Moving Companies are opted when the move is interstate. The parameters like weight and volume of the shipment and the distance of your new house from the former one play a major role while estimating the cost of your move.


International Movers are the one who are specialized in shipping your belongings from one country to another. International shipping companies involve a lot of things to look after like custom rules, global regulations, shipments types, import restrictions and insurance etc.,  It is suggestible to go with experienced movers for a seamless relocation. The parameters like the volume of the shipments measured in cubic feet play a major role in shipping cost estimation.

Office movers are specialized in moving your business from former location to a new address. This task requires a sizeable amount of manpower who are skilled in operating moving equipment and know better packing techniques. Office Moving Companies with their vast experience and use of latest technology come handy for a safe move. The parameters like weight & volume of the shipment, need of manpower to operate the equipment etc., plays a role when it comes to moving cost estimation.



Full-service movers are the safest and easiest to consider as this type of movers take care of your whole moving journey from start to finish. Full Service Mover's package includes packing, loading, transport, unload at a new location, unpack, install and even assemble the household equipment as needed.
People who dreams for an effortless move can opt for this amazing full service movers, as the service providers will undertake your relocation with speed, safety and ensures a responsibility to your belongings if anything happens in their charge.


Self-service movers load your belongings from the former location, deliver and unload them at your new house. With this moving service, you have to pack your stuff on your own and also, you have to take the unloaded items into your house on your own. Make sure you confirm the coverage details of moving in case of a damage to your items.


In this process, you hire a moving truck rental to move all your belongings while relocation on your own. While considering this type of service you have to understand that you will be responsible for all of your packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking, and assembly of household equipment. As you drive the moving truck rental on your own, certain precautions need to be taken.


Special items like antiques, pianos, pool tables, artwork and wine collections require special care to deliver at the destination. These unique items require a specialized equipment and a trained professional to pack. It’s better to consider specialized movers while moving such unique items. For example, hire piano movers for moving your baby grand piano.


Auto-transport companies deliver your car, motorcycle, boat and other vehicles from your former house to the new house. These car delivery services are usually considerable when one is moving long distance and want to avoid driving for days on the road.

Hope you understood the difference between moves and the moving companies. Find the best moving companies with MoversFolder and get assured to receive the best Moving quotes for your upcoming relocation.

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