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Top 20 Tips to Make your Moving Prep Faster and Easier

Tags:  Packing Tips,  Moving Tips,  Before Moving  | 05-20-2021

There is nothing more frustrating than moving. It uproots not only your life but the actual physical act of travelling and packing is also a lot of hard work and can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have compiled this guide for you with moving tips covering all stages of the moving process, including packing to unpacking and all that's involved in between.

1) Begin with Decluttering

It can not be easy to pack all your possessions in boxes, bags, and more. So, begin with cutting down on your unwanted clutter as much as possible, making your move a little simpler for yourself. Donate or sell all the stuff you don't need before you begin packing. This way you will have less to pack, less to transport, and less to unwrap and you will begin life without any of the unwanted junk in your new space.

2) Choose the Best Day to Transfer

Start your hunt for your long distance movers or local movers at least a month before your chosen moving date. If you have a versatile calendar, aim for the winter months or at least weekdays to get a better deal. Moving companies are busy on weekends, and so you might get a considerable discount if you can avoid them and prepare for your move on Tuesday.

3) Making the Way to your New Home the Safest Way

While professional movers are aware of the best and most safest route to take while moving, the same might not be true for you if you are planning to move yourself. This is why you need to plan an effective route to prevent inefficient travel through gridlock or by getting lost on the road. So, find out the fastest and most effective way to reach your destination. And while planning your route, look for future road-building schedules and take into account traffic, detours, and required exits.

4) Seek Help from Your Friends & Family

It is wise to be informative, detailed, and thorough while moving. So, sit down and brainstorm with your family, partner, or colleagues and make a list of all the things you need to do and make a plan to complete all the tasks for which you would require their help.

5) Break Down the Moving Jobs

Start by breaking down the job into smaller morsel assignments.  Then begin with finishing activities every day. This will make sure all your moving tasks are finished before the moving date arrives.

6) Create a Moving Folder

It might not be possible to check your computer on moving day or what if your mobile battery fails during the move, so it is wise to have a physical copy instead of relying just on a digital copy. Make a Moving Folder with home inventory and moving-related documents like moving contracts, bill of lading, inventory lists, payments bills etc in this folder, so that you can immediately access them whenever the need arises.

7) Pack as Much as You Can

Once you are sure about your move, even if you are uncertain about the moving date or destination, you should start packing up your stuff. Start with the packing of all the off-season things you don't need as of now. This will help you even if you have to move in a hurry.

8) Use Original Boxes for Electronics

You might think that your flat-screen TV can stand a 30-minute drive through the city in a cardboard box, but this technology is sadly delicate. Your devices can better be shipped in their original packaging when you buy them. If you don't have them, create a list of what you need to purchase or borrow to cushion your things properly. Wrap a blanket around the screen and use the plastic protective sleeve or some plastic wrap and secure it with robust tape.

9) Keep the Items you Need

While packing make sure to prepare a separate bag with all the essential items that you will carry with you in a taxi, truck cab, or plane. This bag should include sheets, a toothbrush, a shaving kit, an extra set of clothes, must-have versions of the children stuffed animals or toys, medicine, documents, etc. If any delay occurs and your moving truck is unable to reach you on time, then you will at least have some essential items with you.

10) Get Extra Supplies

When you make your hardware stockist, do not forget the things "just in case." Load up on additional supplies such as bulbs, extension cords, etc. This will help make sure your new home is ready to go when all your household stuff is brought in.

11) Pack your Fragile Items Carefully

These items can be trickiest to pack as they are delicate so make sure you take your time to cushion, pack and secure them properly. Your walls and clothes will look a little bland, but you'll be grateful that your grandma's artwork is nestled inside the bubbled wrap and will securely reach your new home. If you are not sure or pressed for time, you can also hire long distance movers to handle packing fragile items for you.

12) Update Your Address at Least Two Weeks Before Moving

You should update your address at least two weeks before your moving date. This will ensure that your mail is forwarded to the right mailing address, by the time you arrive in your new home. Learn more about when and how to do change of address when moving.

13) Use Proper Labelling on Moving Boxes

The trick to identifying your items quickly and conveniently is to correctly label all your sealed boxes. You may not be able to see the tops of the moving boxes when they are placed in a van or a car, so be sure to mark them on their sides. But don't stop there. You can go a step further and colour code or use a number technique to label the boxes and find your stuff easily. You can Learn More with our Moving Tip here What to write on the Moving boxes.

14) Stock Up Your Kitchen

Stock up on supply a few days before the big step. You certainly don't want to sprint to the shop as you pack boxes or deal with other moving tasks. Purchase or order all the important items like bandage adhesive, permanent marking, packaging, towels, and trash bags. They can be helpful later, particularly during unpackaging, if not during the move.

15) Get a Loading Ramp Truck

You desperately need a ramp with a truck if you're a DIY mover. This will help in carrying those boxes and bits of furniture large enough to load them into the truck.

16) Category Wise Packing

While packing one room at a time is the best way to go, sometimes, especially when you are in a hurry, it may seem like too much. In that case, you can categorise your items, for eg, clothes, books etc. Scour every robe, dirty clothes, and laundry room until you have all your clothes in one place and then pack them. You can then do the same for books, shoes, important documents, etc. Read our tip Top 10 Packing Tips When Moving.

17) Place Heavy Articles in the Bottom & Lighter Boxes On Top

While loading your truck, place heavier furniture items and boxes first, for balance, and then place lighter boxes on top of them.

18) Do Not Leave Empty Spaces In Boxes

Use Clothes, towels, packing paper, or even newspaper or peanut bags to fill out empty space in the moving boxes. This will ensure your items won't toss around inside the box during transit.

19) Tape Boxes Properly

Tape all your boxes securely, if required multiple layers of tape, so that no box splits open during the move.

20) Ask Your Movers for Special Crating if you are Moving Costly Arts

Do not cover oil paintings in your routine clothes. Create an X with a mask band over the glass to strengthen it and keep it together as it shakes the images framed behind the glass. Then, cover the photographs in a wrap of paper and place them in a picture box with a sheet of cardboard for each framed item's safety. Make sure to mark it FRAGILE. If you are unsure, get special crating to move these items.

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