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11 Tips to Protect your Health While Moving

Health being a precious asset must be taken care of at all costs. The Covid-19 outbreak has already shaken the world with the governments and public fighting and collaborating to fight the challenge. Those moving during these times must adhere to certain advice in interest of the health and safety of their own self and their families.

If you are destined to move during these times, please do your bit to ensure a health-friendly move. This will reflect in the way you organize and execute your move. Here are a few suggestions to make your moving a health efficient one.

Check the Urgency of the Move

You are the best judge to assess the urgency and compulsion of your prospective move. If it is unavoidable, you can execute it, otherwise travel is best avoided at these times.

Check the Status of your Next Destination

We are living in a well-connected and informed world. Please have an update about the location you are going to relocate to. You should check with the news, and state websites about the pandemic situation in advance. Additionally, please pay special attention to the guidelines for those moving in lest you feel harassed afterwards. Some states might require quarantine after new transplants step in. Still, some others might demand vaccination certificates or latest and valid RTPCR reports.

Assess the Health of your Family

It is recommended to assess the health status of your own self and your family. Please pay special attention to the kids and seniors. If someone in the family is not in a position to travel, give it a second thought and look for alternatives. If there is a patient of asthma, or respiratory tract infection in the family, get him/her treated first. Please note that those having low immunity are prone to catch the virus.

Research About the Place

It is advisable to research about the place, when you are moving to another state. The crucial points are climatic and current weather conditions. If your moving time is a moist and humid season there, this might aggravate the condition for asthma, allergies, and rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Ensure Proper Medications

Those on medication in the family must see they have ample stock with them just in case the same medicines are not available at the next location. It is strongly recommended to inform the treating physician about the anticipated move and seek advice. The physician might prescribe the same or alternative medicines. Keep his/her contact information with you just in case you need his/her expert advice at your new place.

Organize your Move

Strange it may sound but organizing your move has a way with your health. Disorganization creates mess and affects you mentally and psychologically. An organized planning, on the other hand, ensures the things are cool, composed and less tiresome. Some hypertensive persons may find a chaotic move affecting their readings. Please refer to the sections on how to organize a long-distance move and how to keep your calm during a move here at

Hire Professional Movers

It is suggested you hire professional movers only because they are expected to be updated and wary of the healthy ways to move. During pandemic times, some extra care is required, a lot of which must come from the persons moving you. Thus, for the sake of the health of your family, do not pick amateurs and unprofessional operators especially for long-distance moving.
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Make Sure the Movers Follow Guidelines

Though  a lapse is not expected from seasoned and professional movers, yet you should keep a check on how the movers entering your home operate. Please check if they are wearing masks, shoe covers, gloves etc., wash their hands whenever required and have ample sanitization stock. Check if someone from the moving staff is having symptoms like coughing and frequent sneezing. Such a person is best avoided indoors.

Have Proper Sleep the Night Before

Make sure you have 7-8 hours of sound sleep the night before the move. This is important for a relaxed body and mind which in turn contributes to a healthy move. Your health might be hit if you feel groggy and drained at the start of your moving day. If possible, move during the early hours as we feel fresh and perked up in the morning hours.

Move Well-fed

It is not recommended to move, especially if it is going to be a long-distance move, without having proper meals. Please make sure the family members have their adequate fill as they take up the travel. This is particularly important for immune-compromised persons, seniors, children, and even your furry friends.

Staying Hydrated is Essential for Long Travel

You should stay well hydrated during long travels. Apart from clean water, go for water containing foods like cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, and tomatoes etc.
Step into your new place with health friendly measures. Please refer to the write up Things you should take care of as you move in during pandemic times here on

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