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Tips on What to Wear on the Moving Day

Tags:  Moving Day,  Local Movers,  Interstate Movers  | 01-08-2021

Moving is cumbersome and hectic, but that doesn't mean you forget to pay attention to yourself. There is nothing worse than carrying your suitcases and taking your last minute items out of your house in simple flip flops and stubbing your toes on boxes and various other items. While keeping a clear path is the best thing that you could do but what you wear on the moving day also affects how well the day goes.

There's certainly going to be lots of squatting, bending and walking, so it is important to wear comfortable and sensible clothes. Your attire for moving day will make a difference between torturing yourself and moving comfortably. Never forget comfort is the key. Keep reading this guide to know what you should wear on moving day so that you don't feel uncomfortable.


You must wear clothes that are comfortable and according to the season of your move. Ensure you pick clothes that let your skin breathe, like cotton fabric and never wear the artificial fabric as they could make you feel more hot and uncomfortable. You can pick clothes that you usually pick for your workout or you can try a regular pair of jeans with a loose t-shirt, just make sure they are comfortable enough so that you could bend, work and move around easily. Here are a few pointers that you should consider while choosing your outfit for the moving day.

(1) Don't wear clothes that are too loose as they can make you trip.
(2) Prefer stretchable clothes. This way if you are carrying a few things yourself, you can easily bend your knees and move around. This is certainly important if you are considering moving large items like sofas, beds and more by yourself.
(3) Choose out from clothes that you will not worry about because yes, they will get dirty and probably even damaged during the move.
(4) Check the weather forecast a couple of days before for your moving day, and plan your clothes accordingly. In case it is going to be cold, then wear a few layers of clothes so that you can also remove one layer in case you feel warm. For summer, choose breathable clothes.
(5) If you have clothes that have pockets outside, choose them. You can put some things inside the pocket like tape, scissors, or other small things. Besides, with pockets, you will have immediate access to your phone, wallet and keys.
(6) Forget about fashion when you are figuring out what to wear for your moving day. Your priority should be comfort and security. No matter if you are moving or hiring a moving company, this tip is insightful and goes both ways.


You must wear shoes that are able to enclose your whole foot, which means say no to flip flops, heels, open toes, etc. while moving. Sandals and flip flops are not a great option as they do not cover your whole foot. Besides,  you might slip or shift your foot while walking, which can be fatal while carrying heavy things. Always wear shoes during the move, as there could be many things on the floor which could hurt you and along with the dirt that could get stuck on your feet. You can choose between a comfortable pair of sneakers or running shoes as they will allow you to handle your move comfortably. Boots are also an option, but they might not be very comfortable.


Ensure your hair is not on the way of move. It can be annoying that it falls on your eyes while you are busy with lots of tasks to do. If you have long hair, do not forget to tie your hair back. Your hair can not only get onto your face but could get stuck into something, so it is better to take care of it. Do not think about buns or any other fashionable hairdo, just be comfortable and make your move stress-free.

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