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5 Essential Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Safely

The type of furnishings and decorative items like heavy artsy or antique furniture you buy for your home, and the way you decorate your home, says a lot about your personal style or aesthetic sense. Since you undoubtedly shell out huge sums of money for these furnishings, utmost care needs to be taken while moving and re-arranging such expensive furniture. While moving small appliances doesn't present great difficulties, carefully handling heavy furniture is not an easy task. Whether you seek professional help to move them to your new location or you are simply rearranging the furniture so as to revamp the interiors, you need to know these simple tips for packing and moving so as to avert any kind of damages.

Take help of others

While you are dealing with heavy furniture, you need to take precautionary measures to avoid any injury. This could be achieved by keeping in mind not to lift heavy artsy and furniture recklessly and single-handedly. It would be better to seek the help of professional packers and movers when you are moving to another apartment. However, if you are just redecorating your interiors or doing the move yourself, you need to ask your family members or friends for help.

Lessen the weight

Some furniture can be dismantled, which makes the task of moving them easier. However, you still need to be extremely careful, and keep the nuts, bolts, and screws properly together. . If you are moving items which hold things like a wardrobe or bookshelf, emptying its content will make it easier to move.

Clear the Space

Before you start moving heavy furniture, you need to be completely sure of where you want to place them eventually. Make sure there is enough clear space for the furniture to be moved easily. Before you lift or move the furniture from one room to another, make sure that the doorway is large enough for the furniture to go through. It is pointless to drag heavy furniture if it cannot pass through the doorway. Remove any objects that obstruct your path to avoid any accidents. Lifting heavy furniture is undeniably a tedious task, thus,

Don’t Forget the Floor

Dragging the furniture could leave behind unsightly scratches or marks on the floor which is something no homeowner wants. You can either move your furniture on a carpet or try using simple tools like moving dolly, furniture pads or sliders. These tools can make the task of moving heavy furniture less problematic. You can then tilt the furniture and place these tools underneath the legs or the corners and easily drag them across the room. Moving equipment like moving dolly will allow the furniture to glide easily over the carpeted floors. Moreover, you wouldn't have to empty your wardrobe, cabinet or bookshelves to move the furniture around.

Lifting Furniture Properly

Lifting heavy furniture can be tricky and if not done properly could lead to injuries. Even when you are using lifting equipment like sliders, you still have to lift the corner so as to place the slider under the furniture. The most appropriate way to lift the furniture would be to keep it close to one's body and remember to bend your knees while keeping your torso straight. You could use a lifting shoulder strap which will help to distribute weight between the people, and minimizes the risk of injuries.

If you need to pack and move into a new house or simply move the furniture within the house, knowledge of these simple moving tips can go a long way in preventing damage to the floors, appliances and other goods that you may have bought over the years.

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