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Simple Ways To Decorate And Celebrate Easter When Just Moved

Tags:  ,  Packing Material,  Packing Tips,  Self Storage  | 03-15-2018

For most people, especially kids, Easter is synonymous with fun and excitement with its Easter egg hunt, colorful eggs, bunnies, chicks, and chocolates. Most families have their own special way of celebrating Easter, but if you have just moved to your new house, you may be tired with all the unboxing and other tasks of settling in your new house. But this doesn’t mean you have to skip Easter. With little preparations and simple decorations, you can still celebrate and enjoy this day with your family.

Bring in the treats

Easter is all about treats and Easter eggs. Tuck lots of eggs along with a variety of other candies in a basket. Make sure there are different kinds of eggs, from chocolate eggs, candy eggs, marshmallow eggs, to decorated hard-boiled eggs to add to the cheer. You can even bake your own special Easter cookies or fancy cakes may be in the shape of Easter bunnies! Get candies in various shapes, jelly beans and peeps which come in a range of colors, including pink, blue, and purple.

Visit the Parade

Be sure to take your kid to Easter parade in your town or even nearby, and snap plenty of pictures. These parades can make this day special for your family with their music, fancy craft sale and yummy goodies! And kids always love Egg Hunts, which many towns or institutions organize on Easter weekend, so if you have a chance to take the kids to an Egg Hunt near where you live, they'll have a blast.

Paint Easter Eggs

One of the most cherished Easter traditions is painting Easter eggs. You could paint hard-boiled eggs and then eat them later, or you could remove the eggs' contents and paint the shells to use for decorations. Use lots of colors and use your creativity to paint these eggs.  Paint the shells and fill them with confetti to use them as decorations. On the other hand, painted hard-boiled eggs meant for consumption can be a part of Easter basket, and they can also be hidden for the Easter egg hunt for your kids to find.

Accessorize your basket

Don’t overload your Easter baskets with eggs, candies, and treats. Fill them with anything else you like as long as your kids enjoy it. From CDs to books to cute little notebooks, pens, and erasers, you could really include anything.

Use simple but elegant decorations

When you have just moved, decorations can be a bit tricky. The best solution is to keep it simple and elegant. Use fresh cut flowers and arrange them in your vase or even mason jars. Place a colorful wreath made up of spring flowers on your door. Make some adorable sock bunnies and place them in your house. You can even tie your colorful eggs with ribbons and hang them as decorations and for imparting a cheery and bright feeling to your house you can go in for floral scented candles.

Celebrating Easter with your family is immense fun and you should not miss this joyful day even if you have just moved to your new house. Celebrate new beginning and rebirth on Easter with your loved ones and make sure use these simple decorating ideas and above all, just have fun, feel relaxed and enjoy to the fullest.

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