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A Simple Guide to Know All About Local Moving Quotes

Hiring a professional local mover can cost you anywhere between hundreds to thousand dollars. It all depends on which mover you are hiring and how far is the distance or your move along with the moving services you want. To avoid any last moment surprise on your bill, it is better to get local moving quotes before you hire a mover so that you know exactly what will be your moving cost and what to expect on your moving day.

The main purpose of local moving quotes is to get an accurate idea of how much do movers cost for a local move beforehand and that would help you deal well with movers . A local mover will generally give you moving quotes on phone or online, but all moving companies are legally bound to give written moving estimates which display all the important moving information.

Type of Moving Estimates

Hourly Rate Moving Estimates: Most local moving companies tend to give moving quotes based on hourly rates. This kind of estimate depends on the number of hours the moving crew will take to complete your moving process.

Flat Rate Moving Estimates: Few local movers charge a fixed rate depending on the size of the move and distance to be travelled, no matter how many hours the moving crew takes to complete the move. These flat rates vary from place to place.

5 Things to Remember About Local Moving Quotes:

1 - Never Sign a Blank Agreement

It is important to know that you should never sign blank or incomplete moving estimates, and never go for the moving company that asks you to do so. If any moving company, whether local or long distance movers, asks you to sign an incomplete document at the near days of moving, don’t go for that moving company. Instead, move ahead and search for a new mover because they may scam you by asking to sign an incomplete estimate, only to charge you extensively later.

2 - Get Estimates After In-home Survey Instead of Phone or Online

If you are dealing with a large move with lots of belongings, then it is wise to ask the moving company to conduct an in-home survey rather than trust on online or over the phone quote. This is extremely important if you are getting a flat rate quote. Even if you are getting an hourly estimate, with an in-home survey, you will be able to discern the cost of all the additional hidden moving costs that might pertain to your move.

3 - Prepare Final Inventory List of Belongings

When you get a written moving estimate, make sure you get a list of inventory from a moving company. This is a comprehensive list of all your belongings that you are planning to move. Sometimes the inventory details are known as a table of measurements. Get a copy of the inventory list and check it thoroughly for accuracy. It should also include the number of moving boxes required for packing and moving.

4 - Consider Moving Dates

The time of your moving significantly affects your moving quotes. As summer is known to be the peak season, and winters are considered to be the off-season for moving. If you are planning to move during peak season, then you may expect to shell out higher moving costs. So if you can be flexible about your moving date, let the local movers know about it and ask them directly to give you a better deal if you can move as per their schedule.

Also, make sure to ask the validity of the local moving quotes that you receive. So, for example, if you are going to wait for a long time to book the movers, then it is better to get a new quote.

5 - Additional Moving Fees & Charges

In addition to the offered local moving rate per hour, moving companies may charge you for additional fees for certain services too. It is better to talk to your mover beforehand about all these additional services.  Make sure your mover adds every additional service fee that you may need for the move in the local moving quotes and of course it should be in a written estimate agreement too.

Movers Charge Extra for the Following Additional Services

Use of Stairs: In case the movers need to carry your belongings up and downstairs, they are most likely to charge your extra. One set of flight is usually added in local moving quotes, but it is not the same case with every flight. If any of your house, whether old or new, has stairs, better confirm with your mover about flight charges and ask them to add this additional fee in written estimates.

Long Carry Service: If the moving crew needs to carry your belongings or boxes a long way from your house to the moving truck, then they will charge you long haul fees. Usually full service moving companies’ mention the maximum distance they will carry your belongings before they charge you long haul fees. If it is not mentioned in the quotes, ask the mover to include it in the estimate.

Shuttle Service: In case the large moving truck required for the move is not able to park near your house, then the moving company may get a smaller truck to shuttle your belongings from your house to the larger truck. In such cases, you will have to pay shuttle fees.

Packing Costs: Many moving companies offer packing services. Charges for all packing services and packing materials should be mentioned in moving quotes online. If you are on a budget, you can also choose partial packing services, wherein you handle most of the packing, while movers pack only the fragile and heavy furniture items. Some companies charge per hour while other charges as per your belongings. In all cases, you have to pay for packing supplies.

To conclude, read all your moving paperwork before you sign an estimate. If any charges seem unreasonable, don’t hesitate to ask your mover for that and in case the mover doesn't agree to give you any clarification, get local moving quotes again from other companies.

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