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Should You Hire Day Labor to Help You Move

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You have packed your things, leased a moving truck, and are prepared to take on a DIY move. The only issue: your companions, who vowed to help you move, are busy now and left you with no assistance.

What are you going to do? Unfortunately, lifting every one of those substantial boxes and enormous furniture without anyone else's help is not a realistic goal. Loading and unloading the rental truck alone is not just ill-advised, but it can be very dangerous too.

To avoid any personal injury or damage to your belongings during your move, it's better that you hire some sort of local moving help with regards to lifting important things like furniture, loading boxes in the truck, and many more.

For individuals who don't wish to recruit costly Full-service movers, hiring moving laborers is an attractive option. Enrolling the help of moving day labor is a reasonable alternative in contradiction to employing full-service movers and permits clients to do a large part of the actual move.

Here's more information on day labor while moving, including what they are and the pros and cons of hiring them.

What is Day Labor?

Unlike a full-service moving company, which handles the move from beginning to end, a labor-only service or day laborers just assists with heavy lifting, loading, and unloading of the moving truck.

If you hire day labor to help you with the move, you will still need to handle the packing, and you will still need to rent a moving truck and drive the truck to your new home, just as you would for a DIY move. Day laborers will assist with loading and unloading the truck, saving you from having to do any of the heavy liftings.

But there are few day laborers that can help you in packing too, so before you hire them make sure you are aware of all services they provide. Most day laborers are paid by the hour, so make sure to ask about their hourly rate and the estimated time it will take to load or unload your belongings. Always try to hire day laborers who have a license as they are a safe bet.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Day Labor while Moving

Here are a few pros and cons of hiring day labor during your move so that you can make your decision wisely!


Protected and Efficient Packing and Moving

The advantages of employing day laborers are many! More than the actual move, it is the packing to move that can drive the wind out of you. Recruiting day laborers will ensure that your furnishings, electronics, delicate items, like cutlery, art pictures and so forth are properly packed and secured, so they are protected during transit.

They utilize proper padding and wrapping material for packing. They additionally pack it with the end goal that it occupies in one room, from where they can be easily picked up for loading.

Once at your destination, the team will unload every box and furniture in the room you decide. You can get your hefty furnishings, and enormous electronics set up immediately and without worrying about recruiting more assistance later.


Moving tasks take up a lot of your time to finish and thereby can influence your everyday plans. Moving laborers can help you save your time. Professional packing and moving can help you save your days, if not weeks, that you can be spending by doing other important tasks.

Whether you move local or moving long distance, with the help of skilled moving laborers you can finish packing and loading without wasting any time and without stressing over the security of your things.

Cheaper Option

Analyze the moving expenses of hiring day labor as compared to that of employing professional moving companies. You will find that it is less expensive to enlist day laborers than the cost of hiring a professional moving company.

Of Course, you will still have to do the actual move yourself, but if you are set to do a DIY move, hiring moving laborers can prove to be a wise choice.

Alone, you would be investing a great deal of time and energy in packing all your stuff, which is truly tiring and distressing, and you might even be spending days in this task removed from your work.

Let's not forget the hazard of recruiting your friends on moving day.  They are neither experienced with moving heavy boxes and furniture nor they would assume liability for the well being of your assets and won't be cautious with them. With day laborers, you get skilled packing and loading at much affordable rates.


It's Even More Costly than Making a Move without Help

While day labor is substantially less costly than recruiting full-services movers, it is not as cheap as moving yourself with the assistance of friends and loved ones. If your move is considerably small, and you hope to save as much cash as reasonably possible, then your ideal choice will be to handle the complete move yourself, with any free help that you can amass.

They May Not Offer Responsibility Inclusion

While professional full-service moving companies are licensed and insured, day labor experts may not be. It's essential to check with the day labor you are employing about their risk and protection choices. It's likewise a smart idea to confirm your protection strategy and perceive what is and what is not covered during a move.

Do I have to Give Moving Equipment and Supplies?

Undoubtlessly, yes. If you are hiring day labor rather than a full-service moving company, you will have to rent a moving truck or some sort of vehicle for the workers to pile your possessions onto.

Likewise, you ought to have all the vital truck gear accessible with your truck rental, including truck inclines for stacking things, straps and rope for getting furniture in the truck, furniture cushions and carts for moving huge things, and moving covers/defensive covers for safeguarding your belongings.

Day laborers probably will not come with these devices and gear, so it is the client's responsibility to have all they require to secure your things during transit.

Are Day Laborers Professional Movers?

It depends. Many professional moving companies are willing and able to send workers out for labor-only moving jobs. This type of day laborer is typically licensed and insured, which is a huge benefit of hiring day labor since they work for a professional moving company.

However, if you decide to hire a day laborer who doesn't have an official business license set up like they might be college students or a person who wants to make cash for their pocket, then keep in mind you are taking a chance and won't be compensated if the workers break or damage your belongings.

When you prefer professional moving companies, Make sure you understand both advantages and disadvantages of hiring both day laborers and hiring a moving company to ensure that you don't end up paying more.

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