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8 Questions to Ask your Local Moving Service Provider

Tags:  Local Movers,  DIY Moving,  Moving Labor  | 09-01-2020

When you are looking for the best and cheap local movers to handle your relocation, there are a set of crucial questions that you should ask after getting local moving quotes online. These questions will help you ensure that you hire a professional and trustworthy moving company. Even though you are moving across the street and still depending on a moving company to handle your belongings, then hire the best and qualified local movers. Below are the 8-Questions to ask before hiring a moving company.

1) How do you Calculate the Moving Charges?

Many local moving companies offer two types of estimates, i.e., charges per hour and flat rate. Majorly there are two factors that affect local moving quotes online. For charges per hour, it is according to the size of your move, how big of moving crew is required. For example, unlike long distance moving quotes if you have a larger home, then movers may have to send more crew members to handle. The number of hours the moving company will take to complete your move is also based on the number of belongings you have and the distance.

When you get local moving quotes online, ensure you ask the movers how they are going to charge you and inquire about any possible extra fees, which may include stairs fees, long haul charges, furniture assembly/disassembly, packing, unpacking etc. or learn more at how much do movers cost for a local move, and be-aware of the hidden charges  before you proceed.

2) What Moving Services are Offered?

Do you simply need labor services to load your belongings into the truck? Are you among the ones who want to hire full-service movers who would take care of everything starting from packing all your belongings to transporting to unpacking them at your new location? Do you require small move specialists, where you only want to move a few items? Are you having some special items to be moved and need a moving company who are experienced enough to handle such moves? Before you get your local moving quotes online, ensure you ask movers about the services they provide that it meets your specific requirements.

3) What about License & Insurance?

Every local moving company has to register themselves under specific laws, which is regulated by the particular state. Most of the states require local movers to be registered with a USDoT, while other states mandate that moving companies have to be registered with the state department of transportation. Understand the license requirements of your particular state and then verify the license of the moving company, in order to protect yourself from rogue movers. If a mover denies to tell you their license details, then consider it as a warning and don't consider them.

4) Do you Provide References of Previous Customers?

Before you hire your best local movers, you can ask movers for references of past customers to check their experience and service quality. You can also check moving company reviews by past customers along with the company’s profile and rating by visiting Better Business Bureau. Don't hesitate to ask questions even after getting references or learn more on how to choose a moving company.

5) What Insurance Coverage is Included in the Quote?

All local movers are required to add the standard insurance coverage in local moving quotes online, which is known as released value coverage. With this type of insurance, the company is liable to reimburse for the loss or damage of goods at the price of 60 cents per pound per item. Movers also offer full value protection coverage, wherein the full amount for any loss or damage could be covered. Get full value protection or ask for additional insurance options with their extended coverage and their added costs.

6) What is the Damage/Loss Claim Process?

Before you hire a mover, ensure you are aware of their procedure of claiming if anything goes wrong. While many moving companies have an online claim form that you can submit at the time of any loss or damage, you can also legally claim with the movers to get compensation, but it has to be in writing. Also, know that you can claim only within nine months of delivery of your goods.

7) What is the Cancellation Policy?

In case of any emergency or unfortunate circumstances, you may want to cancel or postpone your move. Some of the local movers may not charge you extra for rescheduling or cancelling but it is always better to ask them about the same before they provide you with local moving quotes online. However, if you are planning to postpone or change your moving date, then it is necessary to notify the movers as soon as possible so that they can acclimate accordingly.

8) How Much Deposit is Required Upon Booking?

It is recommended to check this before you get moving quotes, ask the moving company if they need you to deposit a large amount. Professional packing and moving companies will never require you to submit large deposits or full amount while you book them, in case they ask then be wary of them as they could probably be scammers.

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