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Preparing For The Arrival Of Office Movers

If you have hired office movers to help relocate your business's building, there are some things you can do to make the move go much more efficiently. You can streamline the process by being as prepared as possible for their arrival and help it to go as smoothly as possible.
What you do to prepare wholly depends on the service you've hired. Some office moving companies will come in, box everything up, move it, and place it exactly how you want it to your new destination. Others are simply there to transport and little more. As a business owner, your primary responsibility will be to minimize downtime as much as you can and make the move as efficiently and quickly as possible. Here are some things you can do to make the process that much more efficient.


Planning everything before moving day will keep your downtime to a minimum. You need to make sure that as much of your normal business procedures can continue, even during the move, so you can continue to make money.  Familiarize yourself with your new location before you move anything. You should know where all of your furniture, file cabinets, and computers are going to go before the office movers arrive.
Before the move, inspect the new building for accessibility. Inspect stairways, elevators, windows, and doors and decide beforehand how the moving professionals going to get the furniture and boxes to the new location. Once you get moved in, you may need to make adjustments, but if everything has a place before the move, then you will minimize your downtime. Making small adjustments do not require the full business to shut down, while the move may.

Organize Your Staff
Everyone, from employees to customers, needs to know about your move and any downtime to expect. You can expect to miss at least a few hours of productivity, but that doesn't mean you should miss entire days. Have everything ready to go at the new building, including electricity, internet, and anything else you need to get to work and impress upon your staff the importance of getting back to work as soon as possible.

Correspond and communicate with the commercial moving company as well. You can streamline these efforts by color coordinating your boxes and furniture using labels. If the colored labels correspond to the various rooms at your new location, then the individuals handling the move will know exactly what to do. Label everything and make sure the office movers can clearly read and identify these labels.
Make sure the employees know what their responsibilities are at the new location. If you expect them to pack, unpack, and toss as you move, you need to provide clear guidelines to them about it. Also, you need address the issue of security files, which should be locked and may require escorts to be moved.

Consider your Inventory

Office moving could be a good time to upgrade some of your equipment. If you have old computers that you're ready to replace, for instance, it makes sense to do it now instead of waiting for some unspecified period a couple of months from now. Before the move take an inventory of what you have and what you could probably do without in your new space.


If your office movers aren't going to pack for you, you will have to box and label office equipment and belongings yourself. There's a good chance that most of what needs to be packed is used on a regular basis and hence packing it over a long period of time will not be possible. You better use a checklist of inventory to ensure fast packing and make sure the items are packed and labeled correctly. You may want to schedule some overtime for your employees to stay and help with this process the night before the move.
You should have a plan of action ready to go before the commercial moving company even arrive. Your major concern should be minimizing downtime. If it takes few days to make the move complete or you need some time to settle everything accordingly, it's better to work in a half-finished environment for a while than to miss valuable time.

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