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7 Preparations Before Transporting Your Vehicle

Before you send your vehicle for transportation to the auto transport movers, you need to make basic preparations and checks, to ensure its transit is much easier and safer. While these preparations will hardly take much of your time, but once prepared properly, you can rest assured that you have done your part to ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle to its final destination. By following the seven important points, you can ensure the safety of your car from your end.

The car that is scheduled for pick-up must be thoroughly washed- inside out, a day before. The reason behind this can be that all the nicks, dings and scratches if any will be easily visible that might occur during transport. Cleaning the interior of the car is also as necessary as the exterior of the car, this lets you not lose any valuables that you might be driving around and any loose objects present inside the car which may damage the interior of the car during the shipping process.

When the process of cleaning of your car is done, pictures of the car must be taken from different angles. Save them and keep a record of how it looked like before transport. This step may help you in claiming for any cause during the shipping process from the insurance adjuster.

Make sure that the car has a minimum amount of gas. Since the fuel inside the car might increase the unnecessary weight of the car, many shipping companies mainly prefer that only quarter of the tank of gas is filled in a car to be shipped. This also helps in increase of mileage of the transport truck.

Make sure to take the car for a tune-up or doing work on the car by yourself can be a good idea. Things like fluid top up, getting the tires filled, checking the battery, etc. must be done before shipment. The purpose behind this ideas is that the transport company can charge extra if the car does not start at a right time and cannot be driven for any reason during the shipping process.

Make sure that the alarm if any, be disabled in the car that is been shipped. Kill-switch if installed in the car must also be disabled before handing over to the transport agency. The reason behind disabling the kill switch is that the truck driver will need to start the car will loading and unloading of the car.

To make sure that nothing from the car gets lost or damaged, it must be ensured that the car is fully checked-out. Mirrors and antennas if any must be protected at the first place by folding or retracting them.

If you a convertible car, make sure the roof of the car is up, this adds an extra layer of protection to your car by covering the roof with a trap.

Last but not the least, if possible, Make sure that the name and the cell phone number of the driver of the transport truck on which the car is been traveled are available with you.
All the steps mentioned above are straightforward and will give a peace-of-mind and security that the car is been prepared for auto transportation from one place to another place.

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