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Planning a Long Distance Move During COVID-19 Pandemic

The writing is on the wall. The recent Covid-19 outbreak has turned the world topsy-turvy. The worldwide outbreak has suddenly brought everything to a halt and made us reschedule our priorities. The people are, as if, in a dilemma - How to keep the things going while keeping themselves safe ? The nations have united to put up a joint fight against the pandemic. All businesses have reworked their strategies by inculcating safe and healthy practices in their operations.

Cut to the moving business, the things are no different. Since moving is a necessary evil due to personal, domestic, official, health or climatic reasons, a sizable number of people are on the move across the globe at any given time. Moving and relocation, whether it involves short distance moving or long-distance one, requires prudent planning and execution. Also, one has to deal with several people, mostly strangers, while dealing with the chosen moving company. Thus, in times of Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes utmost important to take adequate precautions so that the moving family stays safe from contracting any infection which might creep in while dealing with various professionals.

Long distance moving is particularly associated with professionals like packers, loaders, drivers and crew supervisors. It should be well kept in mind that you are not the only customer they are dealing with. The moving crew staffers get to interact with numerous clients transcending state boundaries. The pandemic times has got territories segregated on the basis of risk factor and health status. This implies you might as well be dealing with the people who just visited a sensitive zone or high-risk territory. Since the virus knows no territories, it might knock at your door through the professionals who may or may not be symptomatic.
Let’s outline a few very important points while you plan a long-distance move:

Check Out Judiciously if the Moving Is Indispensable

It is true that some moves are unavoidable. But not all. If there are some pressing circumstances like a leasing contract with a deadline, appointment letter which is compelling you to relocate to the faraway state or just anything you cannot do away with, consider yourself destined to move. Then be prepared to follow the plan of action and guidelines discussed briefly below. But if there is nothing urgent as such, consider waiting. It is advisable to postpone the move till the pandemic (at least the community spread phase) is over. This will keep you safe from breaching the social distancing norms by cutting off the chances of coming in direct contact with the strangers, and sometimes potential carriers of the disease. Also, the risk of landing at a new region with an indefinite health scenario will be eliminated.

Research About the Place You Are Moving to

For those out to move at all costs, it is recommended to research about the pandemic effect status of the destination beforehand. With myriad news and information platforms available today, one can promptly get the update about any part of the globe. Google search thoroughly the health index of your new destination and call friends who are already putting up there, if any. Go through federal guidelines (remember that state and authoritative guidelines may be different for different regions) regarding sensitive zones (red-zone, containment zone etc.), quarantine protocols and health facilities of the place you are moving to. Also, make it a practice to remain updated about the latest recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Besides, see what the transport authorities (DoT, FMCSA etc.) have to say about hiring moving companies.

Thoroughly Scrutinize the Protocols of Moving Companies

After updating yourself on the health perspective of your chosen destination, it is the turn to check the status of the moving companies. Are moving operations going on at your old and new place? Usually, moving has been placed under essential services, so the business is moving on as before, with recommended precautions, of course. Customer reviews here will be a reliable yardstick to enable you to check which companies are best in following the safe practices during pandemic times. Also, go to the individual websites of the different companies to update about their safety measures.

Check if All Recommended Guidelines Are Being Followed

Do not forget to gauge the efficiency of your chosen moving company for hire through your own sense and intuition. Check if the professionals seem updated and proficient in working during special circumstances. Are they maintaining social distancing, wearing gloves and masks while touching your household stuff or interacting with you? An additional measure to be taken care of is to plan your move in a way which allows packing a day before your actual move. This minimizes the risk of touching the virus (if any) while transporting. The time lapse of around twenty hours will make it vanish.

Ask if Any Professional in the Company Has Tested Positive

Do not overlook if any person from the moving company you have reached out to has tested positive for novel Coronavirus. If yes, check out if the company has followed the guidelines laid out by health authorities regarding quarantine etc. Have a clear conversation with the managers before they knock at your door.

Check if Any Member of Your Family Is Having Symptoms

This is very important. Be honest if you or anything of your family members is showing symptoms of infection. This may be running nose, frequent sneezing, breathlessness, cough, fever, fatigue, diarrhea etc. Get the required medical advice and inform your mover when they arrive. Remember, the health of your family as well as your moving professionals will be a priority here and must not be taken for granted.

We will be discussing more pivotal points in the coming blogs in how to ensure a safe and healthy moving during pandemic times. Get in touch with for genuine updates while you are planning a long distance move during Covid-19 pandemic. We assure you free moving quotes of the scrutinized and professional moving companies which are sensitive towards human welfare and adhering to state and global health guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy moving.

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