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Moving Tips for Senior Citizens and People With Disabilities

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Moving from one place to another with a lifetime of belonging is actually a difficult task. Moving is a physical task and includes the risk of injury, financial weight of moving expenses, and involves plenty of other difficulties too. This job becomes multiple times harder when old age people and individuals with disabilities move their homes.

In such situations, it is essential to hire a professional moving company who can remove all the pressure from your shoulders. Hiring a moving company means there is no risk of getting hurt and having a stress free moving experience.

From cleaning out the extra things to packing the stuff, to dealing with seniors or individuals with disabilities, professional moving companies are experienced and competent to handle it all. If you are helping any senior or individual with disabilities in their moving process or moving with them, then keep reading this guide which highlights a few important and helpful moving tips and guides that will help you with the move.

Start with a Moving Timeline

Moving a house without a proper plan is not a wise idea, especially when seniors and individuals with disabilities are involved. So it is a good idea to make a comprehensive checklist for moving with senior citizens. Since they are slow or incapable of helping themselves or you during a move, ensure you cooperate with them and make a list of all the tasks and their requirements to keep away from any stress or hassles till moving completes.

This moving checklist will help seniors to pack things accordingly. Disabled individuals may have mobility issues, and they might be in wheelchairs. In such situations, having a moving plan can help you in keeping track of packing all their belongings and managing the whole moving process.

You can prepare a timeline to declutter, decide what items you will be moving, organize packing supplies, and hire a moving company at least two months before the moving day. It is because older or individuals with disabilities will take longer in making certain decisions. Along these lines, you can think about the accompanying tips while setting up your moving schedule:
  • Setting an expected financial plan
  • Research about moving companies
  • Make a packing arrangement
  • Planning utilities to packing all the belonging
  • Moving and setting up the clinical gear at a new place for individuals with disabilities
It doesn't make any difference who is engaged with the moving process. Making a moving plan can improve things for any person who is moving from one place to another.

Eliminating Unnecessary Belongings

It is an important task to do when seniors are moving to another house for the first time.  It is essential to cleanse out the house by eliminating the items that are no longer required before beginning the packing process. Although you may face issues while eliminating things that hold a special place in your senior's life, you need to make them understand well about the benefits of selling or donating things that are not needed in future.

By reducing the volume of belongings for moving,  you can decrease the pressure as well as the weight of your belongings. Additionally, it will lower down your moving costs.

Begin with making a list of things that are not in use for long and are not of use in future, including old furnishings, unused garments, and other things. You can then decide to hold a garage sale to sell the stuff or donate the items. This is perhaps the ideal way as it can make the move a bit easier.

Pack Wisely

Packing family things with utmost care is important when seniors and people with disabilities move to the new house. You can help them pack their assets while allowing them to have quality time with their friends and family. Make sure you purchase excellent packing materials, particularly for delicate items. You can also choose to hire full-service movers who will take care of packing all the stuff. Movers will get their own packing supplies and ensure everything is packed securely than doing it yourself.

Tip: If you are packing yourself, make sure to label all the packed boxes. Remember to mark on the label every one of the belongings stuffed inside the box. This will make the unloading process coordinated and simpler for seniors and people with disabilities.

Remember to Gather a Short-term Sack

Assemble a short-term sack with all the items that are required promptly in the new house. Since old and individuals with disabilities can't unload their own, you can give them comfort by setting up their overnight sack and ease the first day of the move. This box incorporates all the essential items like medicine, toiletries, an extra set of clothes, a cell phone charger, clinical gear, cover, and water.

Sort out Their New Space

Sorting out the new home is probably the best part of the move.  Yet, for seniors and people with disabilities, unloading and setting up another space is troublesome work. It is a challenge to place every one of the things in the correct spot for seniors, and that is why it is important for you to help them sort out their new space.

Allow them to give you the directions since they likewise need to be a part of organizing their new house. So adhere to their directions, arrange things in the manner they prefer, and unload and unpack all their stuff in a coordinated manner.

Be Ready to Deal with Emotions

It might just be the situation that a move for a senior or individual with a disability is made due to an unavoidable need, not by decision. Normally, seniors may feel sad and depressed about leaving the place, which they have called home for countless years. At this point, they need more attention, care and love. For Seniors and people with disabilities, their friends and family would all be able to do their part in assisting with turning these emotions around. Ensure you focus more on seniors or people with disabilities during a move, to make them feel comfortable and calm throughout the move.

Also, participate in regular discussions about current sentiments and fears of what might be to come. Help them start by keeping a day-by-day schedule and make them aware of the new area. This can help seniors and individuals with disabilities to ease feelings of depression while motivating them to be positive and enjoy their new life.

Monetary Assistance

Moving can negatively affect anybody, and seniors or individuals with disabilities are the same. A few associations are making monetary help which is accessible for the individuals who will require assistance during their move. If the cost of moving is a worry, get in touch with one of the accompanying organizations:

Organization For Community Living (ACL): The ACL works with state and nearby governments. The association has granted more than one billion dollars in optional and compulsory awards to help administrations for seniors and individuals with handicaps.
Adapt: This public grassroots association is devoted to advancing common and fundamental freedoms for individuals with disabilities.
Relationship of University Centers On Disabilities (AUCD): The AUCD offers types of assistance for kids, grown-ups, and groups of those in the local incapacity area.
We hope that these tips for seniors and individuals with disabilities help them in moving. The more you will plan, the less your moving process will be tough.

Hiring Professional Movers for your Move!

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