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Moving Hacks and Tips for DIY Moves!

Moving can feel extremely daunting when you notice how many items you have accumulated over the years. It is no wonder that a lot of us look for moving hacks and tips when it comes to packing and moving. These tips will save your time, effort and money by making things easier and by reducing the amount of work required upfront and on the unpacking side as well, no matter you are moving locally or long distance across the country.

Living Room Hacks for Moving

hacks for moving
  • While dismounting and packing your expensive electronics from your living room, one of the simplest and effective DIY moving hacks is to take a picture of the back of your electronics items like TV before unplugging them and moving. This way while setting up these items at the new house, you can just look at the pictures to see which colored cords go where.
  • As for your cords, you certainly don't want to mix them and prevent tangling. One of the cheap moving hacks is to organize your cables and cords inside empty toilet paper rolls. You can even use empty paper towel rolls and wrapping paper rolls as well.
  • Another expensive item in your living room is lamp shades. They tear, bend and can get damaged easily while moving. So before packing them, make sure to remove lamp shades and bulbs from lamps before loading them. Then lay them upside down in a box that is stuffed with soft material around and inside them.
  • Use priority mail envelopes to pack your artwork, then put them inside of a bigger box and label them.

Moving Furniture Hacks

Moving Furniture Hacks
  • One of the best hacks for moving heavy furniture is to disassemble them properly and put all screws and fittings into sandwich bags, labeling them clearly, and tape them to the respective furniture. This makes reassembling them much faster without confusion.
  • Lost assembly instructions? Just take step-by-step photos as you dismantle your furniture. So while assembling them all you have to do is simply reverse the process to put them back together.
  • Another best moving furniture hack is to wrap heavy pieces of furniture with moving blankets or plastic sheets. This way delicate corners and edges of your dressers or tables will be less likely to scratch or scuff.
  • Moving furniture tends to leave dents in the carpet even when handled by the professional movers. To remove them, place the ice cubes on the dents, let them melt, and use a spoon to lift the fibers.

Closet Moving Hacks

Closet Moving Hacks(Credits:
  • Before you begin to pack your closet clothes, sort them out and organize clothing by season and family members. Make sure they are clean and dry before folding or hanging them.
  • One of the best moving hacks for hopelessly disorganized is to discard as much unused clothing as possible and then create piles of like items. Pack them in matching the size of a packing box.
  • You can also save a huge amount of space by rolling the clothes and not folding them. But when you put them in moving boxes, be careful that it doesn't get too heavy. For clothes on hangers, just group them together and slide them directly into a garbage bag.
  • For clothing within a dresser drawer, you can leave them thereby sealing the drawers securely, so that they don't fly open while transiting.

Moving Hacks Clothes

Moving Hacks Clothes
  • For packing clothes that wrinkle easily like your evening dress, put them it a thick garbage bag or dry cleaning bag. This will prevent creases and wrinkles from setting in while moving. And for clothes that are out of season, compress them in vacuum seal bags or comforter bags and put them away when unpacking.
  • As for your towels, linens, blankets or curtains, use them for wrapping and padding your other items or pieces of furniture. This way you will spend less on packing supplies.
  • Don't forget to set aside a moving week box of clothing. Unpacking after moving can take time, sometimes, weeks. So, grab a suitcase and pack clothing especially all the essentials like socks, underwear, pajamas, etc that you can wear during that first week and this is one of the most important moving across country hacks.

Moving Hacks Shoes

Moving Hacks Shoes
  • Use a nylon bag or use a shower cap to pack your shoes.
  • You can stuff your shoes to maximize space as insides of shoes are excellent spaces to store small items from the room. For example, you can put in small bottles of a face or body lotion, brushes, grooming tools, socks, some large pieces of sturdy jewelry, and maybe then in drink containers and fit them within the inside of shoes.
  • This way you will not only use the space inside the shoes, but stuffing items also gives the shoe shape and makes nesting them easier.

Moving Hacks Kitchen

Moving Hacks Kitchen(Credits:
  • Pack your silverware, by binding all the similar ones together like forks with a rubber band, then put them right back in the tray.  Then simply slip the tray into a plastic bag and pack them with kitchen stuff in moving box. If you are into much easier moving hacks, then just leave all your silverware in your tray, and shrink wrap it completely around it.
  • While packing breakables it is best, if there is no wiggle room in between the contents of these boxes. So to avoid extra spaces in the box while packing your breakables, use bedding linens and towels.  Also, one of the great moving tips and hacks to pack breakables is to use padded mailer envelopes or even better use bubble mailers.  
  • To pack your plates, place a foam plate between each of your plates. Then wrap them together and place them vertically in the moving box. These easy moving hacks will make sure your plates are not clinking and clanking around during the move!
  • Similarly, to protect the non-stick surface of Teflon coated pots & pans, use foam in between. They also work in protecting glass casserole dishes.
  • Use the empty space in your crock pots and pans and fill them up with spices and seasonings, then tape the lids on. Make sure to put plastic wrap under the lid and reseal them to keep them from spilling during the move.
  • One of the best moving hacks to pack your sharp knives is to fold them together into a newspaper and pop them in an oven glove.
  • All liquids items like dish washing soap, laundry detergent or hand soap, keep them in separate bins.
  • Turn of all your kitchen appliances, especially your fridge and freezer at least a couple of days in advance. This makes sure they are dry and clean on the moving day.

Moving Truck Hacks

Moving Truck hacks

If you are moving yourself with a truck rental, the following hacks for moving will help you in preparing for your move.
  • In order to keep your belongings neat and clean on the moving truck, place a covering of cardboard (broken down boxes) or plastic sheeting on the floor of the rental truck.
  • When loading the truck, pack it in sections, and when a section is full, tie it off with rope and bungee cords to keep it in place while the truck is in motion.
  • Place the heaviest items in the truck nearest the cab so the truck is evenly weighted.
  • Place your beds, their linens, and all your daily personal hygiene items last on the truck. This is because you will want to set your beds up first so that you can have a  comfortable place to sleep after moving all day long, and you will certainly want to freshen up a little before you call it a day.
  • After loading, cover your belongings with tarps, plastic or old blankets.
  • DO NOT put the following items into the cargo area of the moving truck. Medicine, important papers, documents, family heirlooms, and expensive jewelry. Anything that will be difficult to replace should be kept with you. If you are moving within the city or close enough, on the safest moving apartment hacks is to put any valuables into the safe deposit box with your bank.

Moving Day Hacks

Moving Day Hacks
  • If you have hired professional local movers for moving locally or long distance movers to handle the cross country move, but packed up your home yourself, then organize boxes neatly and leave a walkway. This way movers can move around safely to take the boxes from the home to the moving truck.
  • Label all the boxes properly with the contents of the box along with the room it belongs in. You can even color-code them. Prepare a printable moving checklist to keep track.
  • Do not pack the moving boxes so heavy that your mover has difficulty in carrying them to the truck.
  • Don’t forget to clean your house thoroughly and double-check for forgotten items after the move.

General Hacks for Moving

  • One of the best Ikea moving hacks is to use Ikea Dimpa Storage bags. These bags are huge, lightweight, durable and water-resistant which makes them perfect for both moving and storage. You can store clothes, toys or anything in them.
  • Instead of buying traditional brown paper meant for moving, you can buy a giant package of paper towels instead. These are much cheaper and essentially do the same job.
  • Avoid getting your mattress dirty just by putting fitted sheets onto both sides. You can easily put these sheets into the washing machine later.

Moving is a horrific experience which involves proper planning and executing, and then running into difficulties that are completely unplanned for. All in all, it is not easy, but putting to use some of the above moving hacks and tips can make a noticeable difference. Following them will also help limit the amount of damage to large and valuable items. 

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