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Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

Tags:  Moving Tips,  Moving And Storage  | 04-24-2020

COVID-19 cases are growing every day, people are practicing social distancing, self-monitoring, and quarantining in an effort to contain the virus. In many cities, residents are under sheltering in place and mandatory lock-down. Local and state officials allow only for essential reasons like getting health care or shopping for groceries or supplies to leave your home during a lock-down. If you have planned your move during this time, can you really move? Since moving inevitably slashes against social distancing, try not to move at this time, unless it is deemed essential.Moving During Corona VIrus Pandemic

What if you Choose to Postpone or Cancel your Move?

Booking a mover, in most cases is non-binding, which means you can cancel it any time prior to move without penalty. However, your deposit may be non-refundable. But many reputable moving companies are making an exception considering the pandemic and are refunding the deposit or they provide it back as a credit for a future move.

What if you Do Have to Move!

If you are planning to move because you are worried about eviction and foreclosures, then know that the Federal Housing Finance Agency has suspended both for borrowers for 60 days. So before making a hasty decision, contact your local elected officials or housing authorities to understand the laws about where you live. If your reasons for moving during Covid-19 are different and unavoidable, then consider the following tips for safe moving.

Important Tips to Move Safely During the Covid-19 Outbreak

If you do have to move, you need to hire reliable movers who are mindful of COVID-19 and follow the guidelines of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization). Here are a few tips for moving during Covid-19 to help you get into your new home in good spirits!

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Before planning your move, check state and county websites for probable stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders. If such restrictions are in place, you must postpone your move. If your state is allowing people to move, and your move is absolutely necessary then begin with hiring movers. Consider using a reliable online moving platform like to get moving company quotes. This way you will be able to find local movers who are currently serving in your area. With you can connect with licensed, insured and professional movers who want to remain as operational as possible, but they also want to be safe and law-abiding.

Virtual in-house Survey

Moving During COVID-19
To get accurate moving quotes, ask your movers to conduct a virtual survey (video survey) of your belongings instead of physical in-house inspection by the moving company representative. By doing a virtual walk through of your house with apps like Skype or Face-time, movers can provide you with binding estimates.

Talk to your Movers

Establish clear communication with your movers for hire. Ask them all the important questions like what health and safety precautions will they take during the move? Or has anyone from their moving crew has had any symptoms in the past several weeks? With open communication and the right questions, your move can be in safe hands.

Follow Social Distancing

On moving day, the best thing is to practice social distancing. Always keep a distance of over 6 feet between yourself and others. This will not just protect yourself, but will also prevent the spread of corona virus and protect the public.

Sanitize all your Belongings

For safe moving during covid-19, It becomes very important to sanitize your belongings since it gets touched by many people, whether you are moving locally or moving to another state. Make sure all the moving boxes are perfectly sealed and furniture is wrapped properly in plastic before moving. Once you reach your destination, clean each box properly before bringing them inside the house. Once unpacked, make sure to dispose of all the bags and boxes. CDC recommends cleaning items and surfaces with household cleaners which are most likely to be effective against COVID-19, like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Lysol Disinfectant Spray, and Viracept. Along with these, wear face masks and keep washing or sanitizing your hands periodically throughout the move and during unpacking.

Sign Paperwork Digitally

Any physical contacts like signing papers, handshake, exchanging of money or credit cards from the movers should be avoided. To avoid any kind of physical interaction, ask your movers to sign your paperwork electronically prior to the move.

Here's what you Need to Know about Moving

In case you are moving, know that things will not be normal and you will need to plan and pivot extremely. Include the following in your moving checklist to account for this new reality.

Know Moving Companies Policies

If you find a moving company that can help you move your stuff in this pandemic situation, then firstly go through their policies.  For example, some movers may want you to open windows and leave out soap prior to their arrival. Many local moving companies are also providing free storage if you need to leave your old home and your new home isn't ready. Feel free to talk to the movers to understand all their policies so that your belongings will be moved safely without any problem.

Deep Clean your House

After reaching your destination firstly deep clean your new house entirely. It's probably hard to find a cleaning crew at this time so be prepared to handle this yourself. Sanitize all the moving boxes outside and then get those boxes in to move safely during Covid-19. Speed up your unpacking with our unpacking guide. However, if possible dump your belongings in the garage for a few days, and when the situation seems normal then place the belongings in the house.

Stocking up your Kitchen

After the move, it's time to fill your kitchen with necessary eatables. Find a grocery store which is nearest to your house and stock up for uncertain times. This doesn't mean you need to hoard stuff since all essential services will remain open even in a shelter-in-place situation, but with reduced hours and crowd restrictions.

Prioritize your Internet Setup

Access to the internet is a must, no matter whether you need it for long distance education, entertainment, any remote work or simply to stay connected to the outside world. While internet providers are doing their best in maintaining store hours but due to reduced hours and increasing demand, it is better to get an early appointment so that you get internet facilities after successful moving.

Find the Closest Hospital and Pharmacy

Movers During COVID-19
During this pandemic situation, it is very critical to find the nearest urgent care hospital and pharmacy. Even if you have moved locally, visiting your old neighborhood to get your regular prescription or in case of a medical emergency might add an extra layer of difficulty to everything.

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