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Moving Companies Quotes - Terms 'N' Types Explained

Whether you are planning a local move or a long distance move, one of the most important pieces of information that you need to know is the price that you would pay for the move. For this, you need to request moving companies quotes from multiple movers. Although, movers offer these quotes for free and without any obligation. And by analyzing and comparing them, you would understand important information with which you can begin planning your move.

Moving Companies Quotes

There are many factors that differentiate your particular move from others, since not all moves are the same do does the average cost to move locally or long distance can vary greatly. It is also important that you get accurate moving quotes. This is why you need to provide all the details of your move by being as detailed as possible. This information usually includes the size of your move, the distance of your move, your chosen moving date, moving services that you might require like packing, unpacking etc. Once you provide all the details, moves can then provide you with accurate moving companies quotes.

Local Moving Companies Quotes

Local moving companies usually base their quotes on the basis of the number of hours required to finish the moving job. If your move is small, you can even trust a phone or email quote, but if you have more stuff or if the move is a little complicated, it is wise to discuss with movers by conducting a visual survey before finalizing the movers.

Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes

On the other hand, long distance moving quotes are based either on weight or volume of your belongings and the distance from origin to destination. Since long distance moves involve hundreds of dollars, you certainly don't want any surprises on your moving day. So, while moving long distance ask your movers to conduct an in-home inspection of your belongings and then provide you with accurate written binding quotes.

Now that you know how to get moving companies quotes, you probably want to start comparing them. But these quotes are not as simple as you might think. Because moving is a big industry and has its own terminology, which you need to understand while you compare them.

Moving Companies Quotes Terms you Should Know

Comparing moving companies quotes can be really frustrating if you are not aware of the meaning of terminology used on moving quotes. If you choose a quote, solely based on the number without completely understanding them or without reading terms and conditions, it could cost you considerably on the moving day.

Even when you are interviewing the movers, you certainly want to understand what they are saying so that you would know how to choose a mover who can fulfil all your moving requirements and ensure a hassle-free move. Although it is not important to understand all the moving terms you would really feel good if you knew all the important ones. Here are a few terms that you would need to know while hiring professional movers.

1) Moving Estimates

This term is mostly used by many moving companies. An estimate is a price which is issued by a mover to the client, based on many factors and it may have subjectivity to change. An estimate was never and will never be constant. You have to prepare yourself for paying beyond an estimate issued to you by movers. However, estimates are really helpful in budgeting your moving process. Remember, the mover doesn't have an idea about where you live, and how many items you have moved earlier, so it is important to tell in detail about the required moving services for getting an accurate estimate.

2) Moving Quotes

Many people think that estimates and quotes are one and the same thing and some even mix both of them. A quote is a fixed price whereas an estimate is based on a guess. The quoted price will not change once accepted unlike the inconsistent nature of an estimate. However, many people use both terms interchangeably.

3) Exact Price Quotation

It is defined as a reliable price that is composed of all the customized services you require from a professional moving company. Exact pricing is similar to moving quotes. Now, usually, when you get a moving package, and later ask for additional services, the movers will give you a separate quote for that. However, once the exact price is given it includes everything so that you can be reassured that there will be no hidden or additional charges added later.

4) Flat Rate

Regardless of any speedy jumps on the journey of moving, a flat rate is the price of your entire move. There will be no problems in case there are complications in moving through the elevator or whether it takes more than 4 hours to move or whether the movers need to remove the door frame for moving your piano. Whether it takes a few hours or a whole day, the flat rate will not change, you pay the exact price of the flat rate quote only.

5) Hourly Rates

Many people believe that movers that charge on hourly rates are the cheapest, however that may not always be the case. This is because you are obliged to pay even if they are stopping to grab a coffee on the way to your new destination, or whether they were stuck in the traffic. The moving clock starts as soon as they leave their facility.

6) Overall Moving Cost

Overall moving cost includes all additional charges related to packing, long haul, hoisting and flight charges etc., these charges are usually when you require movers to haul your belongings to multiple flights of stairs or when their big size moving truck cannot be parked at your doorstep or you may need packing material etc.

7) Online Survey & Physical Inspection

A moving agent from a moving company will talk to you over the call and provide you with a rough estimate of your moving costs. An online inventory form will be given to the client to fill and submit it to get accurate moving companies quotes. Whereas, in the physical on-site inspection the moving company representative will be able to provide you with fair and more accurate prices based on the details of weight/volume, packing requirements and additional moving services needed for the move.

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