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Ready to Move? Moving Checklist for Your New Home

The house you are going to call home for the future is a big part of your decision. Now whether you are buying or renting, you need to confirm that you are selecting a good house. There could be many reasons for you to leave your current home and so when you decide to pack and move into a new home, there could be many things going at once.

While planning your move and tracking many other variables, people tend to forget important attributes while selecting their new home. To keep you on top, have a look at this moving checklist, so you don't wind up getting the short end of the stick.

1. Seepage
Before you select the house, see if there are any areas that have damp spots or indication of seeping in rooms, especially in ceiling corners previously. You don't want the first rain in your new home to dampen your walls. Also, check the plumbing conditions in bathrooms and kitchen. This is very important to consider in moving checklist.

2. Electrical
You know how important electrical condition of your new house is and what it can do to your appliances. Make sure that your prospective home has M.C.B.s and all the electrical outlets are in proper condition. Fix all hanging wires and broken or defective sockets before you move in. Also, clarify on the details of the backup they provide in case of power failure.

3. Water Availability
Maybe this got nothing to do with your moving checklist, but you sure irritating to not have such a basic facility. Often water shortage is common and overlooked. It. Ask your potential neighbors about.

4. Maintenance
Maintenance on a timely basis is important to avoid having problems every now and then. Even the best neighborhood cannot work if there is no maintenance. A simple inspection of the area will reveal if there are garbage removal services available and how frequently the cleaning, painting, and repairing is done. You can color this very particular thing on your printable moving checklist to not to forget.

5. Litigation
If you are buying a new house, the most important point to check is that it is not involved in any kind of legal dispute. Even if you are renting, you should not leave this to chance. Before you make your decision, confirm that the paperwork and documentation are proper.

6. Neighborhood
Before you finalize, don’t forget to check out the neighborhood. This point has more to do with your overall living requirements. This includes commute options, entertainment venues, hospitals etc. If you have kids, you need schools nearby before deciding to pack and move in.

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