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Mother’s Day Do-It-Yourself Moving Ideas

If you have just moved, I bet you have a lot of cardboard boxes around the house. A lot of cardboard boxes can pile up from a move and the only way to get rid of them is to break them down and take them to the recycling center, right? Well, this mother’s day, we got a few handcrafted gift ideas from moving boxes that you can craft for your mother and add a personal touch especially for her. Now moms don’t need over the top fancy pants gifts.  A simple homemade gift in which their kids have put time, effort and love will make her feel treasured and appreciated and it can be the best gift for them.

Before we move forward, we suggest you don’t use expensive boxes such as wardrobe boxes and specialty electronic boxes in case you need them for a future move. Use sturdy good condition boxes for this DIY project.

Photo Frame

Cardboard photo frames are so easy to make and they’re perfect not only for decorating your house, but they make perfect gifts too. Thin card boards are perfect for this. Just cut it to the appropriate size and use spray adhesive to add beautiful wrapping paper or add your fabric. It will frame your photos beautifully. 

Decorative box

Cardboard boxes or better yet shoe boxes can be made into a beautiful decorative box which your mother can use to store her jewelry and other items. You can either cover up with beautiful paper or cloth or in burlap, it is up to you. then simply add “legs” and any other decorations like flowers and beads that you want and make a special gift for your mom.

Gift Cards

A handwritten Gift card will never go unappreciated. Moving boxes can be converted into giant gift cards easily. All you have to do is simply cut away two connecting sides of the box, then dress up the front and back flap with wrapping or packing paper. Now the structure is ready, so use markers to write a personalized message on the outside and inside pages of the card.

Flower Vase

If your mom loves gardening, here's a natural idea. Dress up a simple cardboard box with a few embellishments, then line it with a plastic bag poked with a few drainage holes and put a small plant in it. You can also paint it to make it more decorative.

Decoupage Tray

These trays can be used for everything from storing jewelry to any number of other things that you want to store and they’re super easy to make. Just convert the boxes into square or hexagonal shape and then form the tray and cover with scrapbook paper, fabric or anything else you want to decorate it.

We know you love your Mom, so if you’re in a bit of a pickle about buying her the perfect present for Mother’s Day, Simply follow any of these easy DIY Mother’s Day DIY gift ideas, you’ll be sure to put a smile on your mom’s face!

So, this May, beyond the blooming flowers, celebrate from Mother's day to Memorial day making memories that last lifetime and if you are planning to move this season, make sure to avail the best moving quotes from Moversfolder.

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