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Memorial Day - The Most Popular Time to Move

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Memorial Day is near, which means it is so moving season! Summer is the time of year when most people prefer to move and it’s been noted that majority of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In fact, the day after Memorial Day has been dedicated as “National Moving Day” to signify a large number of people in the United States that move around Memorial Day weekend. There are plenty of reasons why moving in the summer is much better than the winter or fall. And this three day holiday weekends, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, help to provide more time for packing, moving and organizing which makes them perfect for moving. Here are reasons why you should consider moving in the summer.

School is the most obvious reason for summer moves. If you have children, moving during summers makes sense your kids won't need to be set in a new school while the school year is already in the run. When summer move, your child can adjust to the area before going to school and can start fresh by meeting new people during the beginning of the school year. Even if your kids are college students, moving in summer pan out since students come home or travel for the summer and then return to university campuses during the fall.

Another major reason is there aren't any major holidays that will get in the way of your move. Holidays in summers do not demand a tree and wrapping presents. You can move in peace and not have to worry about having the house ready for a family dinner.

Another benefit of moving in summer is you don’t have to worry about snow or ice. You can slip and get injured or have your belongings get wet. Also, carrying boxes out to your car or truck is difficult with snow on the ground. With summer, all you only need to worry about is the heat. If it's too hot outside you can cool down inside with your AC or water, but if there is ice on the road, you will need to wait for it to melt, so you won't slip and fall.

More houses are bought and sold during the summer months which greatly effects when people move.  Also, many apartments and rental home leases begin or end during the summer, which accounts for a large portion of summer moving.

Summer, also being the wedding season is when newly married couples also find themselves moving into new homes.   

Now that you have got all the reasons, why you should be moving in summers, here are few things you need to remember. Make sure you have enough fresh water for everyone who is helping you with the move. Let the children and pets stay inside as much as possible and keep them cool and safe by providing them with activities to do inside. Make sure you are dressed in lightweight, light-colored clothing that allows for adequate airflow and is wearing sunscreen.

If you need to relocate during this moving season, Movers Folder can help you find your ideal mover and plan your perfect move. Also, with all this moving, if you missed Mother's day, check out our simple homemade DIY gifts ideas from moving boxes, which will surely put a smile on your loved ones.

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