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Looking for a Self Storage, Learn the What's and Why's

Tags:  Self Storage,  Moving And Storage,  Moving FAQs  | 12-21-2018

Self-storage also called as "mini storage" or "mini-warehouse”, is a storage service in which service provider gives storage space for (rent like an apartment) to the clients and they basically have full control over the space. The clients can use these facilities to store any items like boxes of household goods, supplies for a small business, excess inventory, and whatever else they might need to keep secure.

Security is the highest priorities when one is looking for self-storage unit. These units are watched over by the operator, and only he and the client have access to it. Self-storage facility usually comes with features like computer-controlled access to rental space areas and security cameras for surveillance. In addition to CCTV, some storage units also provide gate and intruder alarm system with a unique PIN code for access. Many provide 24-hour access guarantees so that you able to get to your unit at any time of day, whenever is most convenient for you.

Self-storage companies are increasing in residential areas because of increase in demand for secure storage. Since apartments and small houses have limited space for people's things and so, over the years, a good portion of residential areas have been converted into self-storage facilities.

Self-storages comes in all shapes and size depending on the clients’ requirement. These businesses offer a variety of storage unit sizes to both residential and commercial tenants. These units can be as compact as measuring 10 feet wide by 5 feet deep-almost like a large closet to as large as the back of a big truck. The rental is dependent on the size of the unit and the period you will be leasing the space.

Cheap Self-Storage units are usually only single-story structures with drive-up units. Most storage companies also offer moving trucks and vans to help with the transportation of goods. Some may offer moving services for free, depending on the operator. For lighter loads, moving supplies such as boxes and carts are provided to make moving and storage easier and more organized.

Self-storage units are also climate controlled. This means the unit prevents mold and mildew problems. However, these are not like cold storages where the temperature can be reduced. Controlled climate provided be self-storage units is ideal for storing fragile or important materials like paintings, old documents, and even wine.

Some facilities also provide motorcycle storage. You can secure your bikes and parts instead of just letting the mess lying around in the garage. It's like a garage away from home. Nowadays, Lots of Motorcycle owners and retailers prefer using these storage facilities because of the ease and the security they provide.

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