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10 Questions to Ask your Movers to Avail Best Services

Tags:  Moving Tips,  Moving FAQs,  Moving Glossary  | 07-17-2020

Long distance moving can be one of the most stressful tasks you could imagine. The success of your move depends on proper preparations and hiring reliable long distance movers. One key step for finding the right movers is to get multiple long distance moving quotes online. When you obtain moving quotes, make sure to ask the following questions which will ensure that the moving company you are picking is offering you the best services you need.

1) Do they Provide Door-to-Door Services?

It may sound a bizarre question, but it is important to ask this to avoid any hidden moving costs in the online moving quotes. All long distance and local movers provide door to door service. But if your house isn't easily accessible by the moving truck, then the movers will have to either carry your stuff and deliver it to your new house or in some case might need to use a smaller truck to move your stuff. These services might add to your moving costs, so make sure to ask this to your household movers.

2) Does the Moving Company have Valid License?

Before you proceed with the moving company, ask them about their license details. If they don't give you any proof of license, then don't consider them. Don't hand over your belongings to the company who fails to show their legitimacy. To complete your research on movers, check out the ways on how to choose a moving company.

3) What Type of Insurance will be Included?

In case your moving company is not offering any insurance included in the moving quotes, then move ahead and find another mover. However, it is also important to know what the offered insurance covers and what it doesn't. There are two types of liability coverage that long distance movers offer, Full value protection and released value protection. Released value coverage is offered freely by moving companies and it covers 60 cents per pound per item in case of any damage or loss during the move, which is certainly not enough. So, to avoid any nasty surprises, ask your movers to include full value protection or provide you options with third party insurance.

4) Does Packing Services Included in the Quotes?

When moving long distances, you might want to use moving tips to find the cheapest way to move long distance. One among them is to pack yourself but it is generally recommended not to do so. The reason is not that movers are trying to get more money from you. Packing services are designed to save your time and efforts, plus moving companies have expertise in packing valuable and fragile items. Thus it saves your belongings from any damage during transit. Many long distance movers offer professional packing services too, also check whether packing services are included in long distance moving quotes provided.

5) What Kind of Packing Material they would Use?

Obviously, you would want your belongings to stay intact and undamaged during the moving process, Therefore it is a good idea to know what type of packing materials will the moving company be using to pack your belongings. Many moving companies use reusable packing material instead of fresh materials. So make sure to ask them regarding this.

6) How Long would the Move Take?

As we know different moving companies have different capabilities. Some tend to deliver the goods on exactly the scheduled time as you want and some may give you options to choose from. Now local moving companies charge on the basis of the number of hours they spend on moving. So, the time of the moving depends on the volume of your belongings, as the more stuff to move, the longer time they take for loading and unloading. But in case of long distance, there is no compulsion of the time limit as they charge you on the basis of weight and distance of the move.

7) Do you Self Handle the Move or Use Third Party Services?

Before you get free moving quotes, know that the moving company you are considering will handle the entire moving process themselves, because many of the times they hire subcontractors for the jobs. Well, there is nothing wrong when multiple moving companies are involved but it is wise to avoid this. This is because you cannot be sure about the reliability of the subcontractors. If in case, you choose to consider such movers for hire, make sure to do a thorough investigation on both the movers and the subcontractors.

8) Do you Have Experience in Handling Such Moves?

Before you get long distance moving quotes online, make sure to check whether the moving company is able to carry on with your type of move. However, all movers are capable of moving common stuff like furniture, clothes, kitchen appliances and more. But in case you have special items like a piano, pool table etc, then make sure the company has the proper handling equipment for such moving and have good experience of moving such heavy and valuable items. Many moving companies, who do not have the facility of such moving, tend to hire third parties for carrying on these types of moving processes.

9) Can I talk to your Previously Serviced Customers?

If you want to be extra sure about the moving company, ask them if they can provide you with the opportunity to talk to their previous clients. Most movers are happy to provide you with their references. So, make sure you ask them for details of their last three customers. This way you are bound to get true and unbiased reviews from them.

10) Is it Possible to Track Goods in Real-Time?

Many years ago, there was no facility of visibility of where your stuff is during transit. However, now with the help of the internet and GPS facility, it is common to track your goods in real-time through special moving applications. This surely gives you peace of mind about your stuff being on the way and how long does it take to reach you etc.

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