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Long Distance Moving Quote - An Ultimate & Complete Guide

Tags:  Interstate Movers,  Moving Tips  | 07-11-2020

Hiring the best long distance movers can cost you anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Your final moving cost will depend on what kind of moving services you are required along with how far you are moving and what all you are planning to move. To get an idea about how much does it cost to move, you need to begin with getting a long distance moving quote.

The main motive of comparing long distance moving quotes is to provide you with an idea of what your moving will cost you before the moving takes place so that you can be financially prepared for it. These quotes will also help you in learning the cost of various moving services that you may require for your move, thereby avoiding any surprises on the moving day. Before we move ahead, let's have an idea about what kind of moving estimates do movers offer and what services affect your long distance moving quote.

Types of Moving Estimates

Binding Moving Estimates

If your moving company is providing you with binding moving estimates, then the final charges quoted on the estimate will not increase or decrease even if the final weight of your belongings is greater or lesser than estimated. However, this quote covers only the household items and moving services listed on the estimate and accompanying inventory.

Non Binding Estimates

A non Binding moving estimate is a just a guess of your moving expenses based on the information provided by you. It is just a document and not a contract. Non-binding estimates are liable to change depending on the weight of your belongings. Your final moving bill may go higher, but a moving company cannot charge more than 110% of non-binding estimates.
Binding Not to Exceed Moving Estimates: It is the same as binding estimates, the only difference is you are liable to pay less if the final weight of belongings is less than that of initially quoted.

Quick Tips on Getting Moving Estimates

Weight & Volume of your Belongings

Always choose a company that charges you on the basis of the weight of your belongings, the moving companies who are legit, always give you long distance moving estimates based on the weight of your shipment. Many fraudulent moving companies prefer to charge on the basis of the volume of your belongings, usually measured in cubic feet. It is quite easy for unethical movers to dupe you if they are charging on the basis of cubic feet, which is why it is illegal in many states. The safest way to get accurate moving quotes is to choose movers who base their quotes on the weight of your belongings. Along with this learn how you can hire cheap cross country movers without getting scammed.

Get in-home Estimates

Instead of online or through the phone, schedule on site surveys, although it is easy to get long distance moving quotes online or through phone, but you can expect to get the accurate moving estimates only after the moving company representative conducts a thorough in-home inspection of your belongings to be moved. In fact, as per FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), if you are moving interstate, long distance movers are required to base their quotes only after conducting a visual evaluation of your belongings, unless you expressly waive this right. You can learn here more about how to choose a long distance mover.

Plan your Final Inventory

When you get a long distance moving quote, the moving company has to attach the complete inventory list of what they will move. The inventory list is usually known as a cubic sheet or table of measurements. Always take a copy of the inventory list and check it carefully to avoid any confusion. Ensure all items you want to move are there on this list, whether it is a small table or any corner vase. It should also include the approximate number of moving boxes required for small items to be wrapped and packed.

Consider Moving Dates

The time of your moving significantly affects your long distance moving quote. This is usually because moving costs are higher during the peak season. When you get free moving quotes, don't hesitate to ask whether there would be any changes in the moving quotes if you change your moving date by a few weeks or days. Also, ask how long their moving quote is good for. If you wait too long, you will certainly lose the deal which you initially bagged in.

Do Not Sign Blank Agreement

Never trust a moving company who asks you to sign an incomplete moving contract or blank document. In case the mover asks you to do so at the time of moving, immediately schedule your moving to some other day and hire another moving company. A moving company can scam you by having your signed incomplete or blank document and they can charge you additional later.

Additional Moving Costs

In addition to the charges based on the weight of your stuff, inquire about additional charges for any extra services that might be required to finish the moving job. Make sure that the movers include charges for every moving service that you want in the long distance moving quote.

Stairs/Flight Charges

If movers need to carry your belongings up or downstairs, then they are likely to charge you flight or stair charges. One flight is usually added by default in the moving quotes, but this is not always the case with every moving company. If either your new place or old place has extra stairs, then make sure to check whether this additional fee is included in the long distance moving quote or not.

Long Carry Service

If movers need to carry your furniture a long way from your house to the moving truck, then you are liable to pay them long carry charges. The written estimate should specify the distance the movers can carry your belongings before this fee implies. If it doesn't, then ask your movers for hire to specify the maximum distance in written.

Packing Service Costs

Most long distance moving companies offer packing services too. All packing material and services has to be clearly mentioned in the estimates. You can choose to pack partial items yourself which are easy to pack and leave fragile and bulky items upto the movers as well. Some moving companies charge for packing services as per the number of belonging, whereas some charge on an hourly basis and few offer flat rate packing.

Find the Best Long Distance Movers, Compare & Save!

While hiring the movers, remember to read all the paperwork along with fine print to avoid a moving scam or unexpected expense. A simple way to avoid both of these scenarios is by choosing movers with the help of a reliable online moving portal like, All the local and long distance or international moving and storage companies listed here are licensed and insured so you won't need to worry about their being legitimate.

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