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Is it a Good Idea to Compare Movers for your Move?

Tags:  Interstate Movers,  Local Movers,  Moving FAQs  | 09-07-2020

Finding the right and professional moving companies for your upcoming move requires a lot of research and planning for a smooth and hassle-free move. It is important to hire trusted and reliable movers for safely handling your belongings during loading, transporting and unloading and your goods from your current location to the new destination. Before you hire a moving company, get a free moving quote before you decide on which company you should depend on for your upcoming move. Here we will tell you why it is a good idea to get multiple free moving quotes and hire the best movers.

1) Get Quick and Easy Moving Quotes

Start your moving process with free moving quotes online, it is the most simple and instant way to know how much do movers cost. You just have to fill a simple form to get moving estimates in the form with basic information about your move, like the size of your move, the number of your belongings you are planning to move, the distance of your move, and the moving date. By considering these points, different long distance or local movers near you will provide you moving quotes without any obligation and at free of cost.

2) Compare Moving Prices of at Least 3 Movers

The best thing about free moving quotes is that it allows you to compare moving prices of different moving companies in your area. It is easy to shop around to compare movers and find movers that fit in your customized moving needs and budget. It gives you the ability to negotiate with movers. And it is recommended to get at least three moving quotes from different movers. The more quotes you have, the more options you will get, and it makes the task easier to figure out the right local or long distance moving quotes that suit your needs.

3) Packing, Moving & Additional Services

Different movers provide different moving services at different rates. After getting free moving quotes, ask them about the moving services they are offering and extra charges associated with services. Some of the moving companies don’t take into consideration the additional required service charges when they give free moving quotes, so it is a possibility to get a higher bill in the final as compared to charges quoted initially. Before you hire professional movers, ensure you compare different moving services they offer along with their charges.

4) Avoid Moving Scams by Weeding Low-Ball Estimates

When you compare moving prices for different moving services, it will educate you and gives you an idea about the average cost to move in your area. Wait, don’t go for the first moving company that sends you the lowest free moving quote, as it may sound a great moving deal, but chances are, you are probably dealing with rogue movers. Many scams moving companies attract customers by offering them lower estimates and then on the moving day they suddenly hike the prices with additional and extra charges.

And if you fail to pay them on moving day, then they try to threaten you by keeping your goods with them until you pay them the moving costs they requested. To avoid this, always question the movers why they are offering lower than average rates, and if they give you vague answers then scratch them from your list.

5) Ask for In-Home Survey and Binding Estimates

Getting moving quotes online is easy and simple, they are certainly not enough when you have lots of stuff and moving long distance across the country.  So, call your movers and ask them to conduct a visual survey of your belongings. Ignore hiring the movers who insist on providing you only online moving quotes or through the phone or you should get three moving estimates for better comparison.

Here's What you Need to Know about In-Home Estimates:

1) The moving company is liable to send their estimator to your place at free of cost. The moving estimator will accurately access your belongings and calculate the weight of your total shipment. Along with that, they will assess your moving needs personally and you can clarify your questions from them in case you have. Then the mover will offer you a written moving estimate, no matter whether it is binding or non-binding, which allows you to know the legitimacy of the moving company, Remember, movers cannot raise moving costs more than it is legally allowed.

2) Always do a background check about the moving company by reading their reviews. It is important to verify the mover’s USDoT license number at FMCSA, and ensure that the moving company you are considering is legal and have specific licensing requirements to conduct the moving job. Also, check the BBB website for reviews and rating, if you find too many negative comments or complaints about the movers, it is a red flag for you.

3) Never give large amounts of deposit to movers before moving day. Professional movers will never ask you to pay full amount while booking them for the moving job. If the movers ask you to deposit 50% or more as a deposit, then be aware that they could be a fraudulent moving company that may charge you more on moving day.

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