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Initially Quoted Prices Vs Final Moving Estimates

You planned your move, analysed multiple long distance moving quotes and hired the best long distance movers, after researching about them thoroughly. You locked them with a solid moving contract, but come moving day the movers still charged you extra. How? Well, because of your mistake or some certain unavoidable circumstances, there are plenty of scenarios where long distance movers can legitimately charge you more money during the move. Here are a few common reasons that can increase your moving costs at the last minute.

When you aren't Yet Ready

Many people consider that self-pack move is the cheapest way to move out of state. But they underestimate the time required to pack all their possessions. This is because it's not just packing you have to finish, you also need to sort all your stuff, clean the house, make arrangements for kids and pets on moving day, line up the new place to live, set up utilities in the new home and many other such tasks. This might result in you still have not finished packing when the movers arrive. While local movers add up this price in their overall move time, long distance movers might charge you separately for the wait time.

Changes in your Moving Inventory

Local moves are usually charged on an hourly basis, so a few extra items which were not initially a part of the inventory list will not make a big difference in the moving price. But long distance movers base their prices on the estimated weight of your belongings. So, before adding a few beloved possessions that you couldn't bear to part with to the inventory list, remember, any extra items that you add will quickly add up to the moving costs. To avoid this, understand how much do movers cost and make sure to keep updating your movers about any changes you make in the inventory list.

When Packing is not Done Properly

When movers conduct a visual inspection of your belongings, they will point out all the delicate items which require special attention like your TV, glass tops, mirrors, cutlery, artworks etc. If you hire movers to pack up these items, then they come prepared with all the necessary packing materials and securely pack them. But in case, you have chosen to pack them yourself, then you will have to pack them as per the mover's guidelines, especially in case of long distance moves.

On moving day, the movers will first check the packing of these delicate items and if they find them lacking, they will ask you to repack them with proper padding and packing materials. And whether you get extra packing materials from the long distance movers or ask them to pack these items for you, it will cost you extra. This is one area, where your movers might also be trying to dupe you if they are not ethical. So, make sur1e you check their reviews and ratings at BBB (Better Business Bureau) while hiring them.

Changes in Insurance Coverage

Choosing your moving insurance in advance will get you a better deal, but if you leave it at the last minute then it's bound to cost more than usual. Your destination address will also influence your insurance costs, even if you are moving locally. In case of interstate moves, you might even encounter finding a new insurance company, or you may just see changes in rates and terms.

Overnight Fees

Some neighbourhoods restrict Mover's working hours. But if you were not aware of this, and due to some circumstances, your moving company was unable to unload your belongings on the day it arrived, then you might end up paying additional overnight charges. In such cases, the moving driver will keep your belongings locked safely in the moving truck for the night, for which you could end up paying up to $300. So, make sure to know about any such restrictions in your new neighborhood.

Adding Extra Stops During the Move

Do you have a few of your items stored in a storage location or perhaps at your relative's house? This is a very common situation and usually, people bring all their belongings at their home while moving them. But moving is hectic, and with managing so many tasks, sometimes you forget to bring in a few items before moving day.

In case of local moves, any extra stop during the move will add up to the overall billable moving time, while long distance movers will treat them as an added service which usually costs around $100 depending on the number of stops and distance to be covered.

Require Storage Service in the Last Minute

Sometimes storage just can't be avoided, especially in case of long distance moves. Reasons could be wide and varied like a last-minute closing issue or your new home isn't ready yet or you haven't reached your new home due to some unexpected delay. Whatever your reason is, but the fact is now you need to hire storage services from long distance movers which you initially didn't. So, make sure to get an idea of storage charges beforehand.

Accessibility Issue at the Destination

Ever heard about shuttle fees? This fee is usually considered among hidden moving charges and is applicable the moving truck cannot access your new home due to narrow streets or low hanging trees or tight packing or any other issue. In such cases, the movers will bring in a smaller shuttle truck to complete the move. Now shuttles can add up substantially to your move, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on how large your move is.

This is because shuttle charges mean an additional move which will include moving from a  larger truck to the smaller truck with several trips along with a lot of extra labour to load and unload your stuff. So, make sure to discuss the need for shuttle services with your movers, so you can be prepared for it.

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