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How to Sell your Household Stuff Before Moving?

Tags:  Moving Tips,  Things To Consider,  Before Moving  | 04-22-2021

You never know how many items are there in your house. We all have many belongings which are no longer required by us. Then come the things like clothes which no longer fit and cycles which you no longer ride on. As you are destined to move to a new location, it will be better and convenient if such things are done away with. Though donation and gifting is a more humane gesture, selling is not bad either.

Please note that when you are caught in the rigmarole of moving related activities, you will have tight time on your hands. So, you will need some quick and easy ways to sell your stuff. There are many platforms where you can sell your belongings which, since no longer needed at your home, can be used by others.

Go for a Garage Sale

One easy way to sell your extra stuff is to put these items on garage sale. Old jackets, bicycles, artworks, toys and furniture items are best sold this way. Multiple people get to see the items and offer you some good amount. If you wish to skip the bargaining hassles, you may as well paste ‘Final price', ‘Fix price' like slips on your items. Otherwise, be open to a bit of bargaining as it brings more customers. Please ensure first that such sales are permissible in your locality.
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Tell Your Friends

Spread the word. Sometimes it goes like wildfire. Tell your close friends and relatives around your plan to move and intend to sell certain stuff. Word of mouth spreads fast and you may hope some potential customers near you.

Talk to the One Buying your Home

There is a good possibility that the person buying your home will be interested in buying some stuff like good condition furniture too. Talk to him/her and inform them about the things you would be selling.

Online Platforms

There are several cool online platforms available nowadays that serve as a good way to sell your used stuff. The most popular ones are : olx, eBay, eBay valet, LetGo, Craigslist,, even Amazon etc. Online platforms have wide reach and you can expect a good number of customers and better paying ones too. These online platforms are perfect to sell your electronic, sports items, apparels, books, art pieces and bikes etc.

Local Dealers

There are many people in almost every locality who deal in used stuff. Reach to the one in your neighbourhood and tell them your plan to move. A word of caution is that such people are usually clever businessmen and can quote too little for your items. Be aware of the good amount for your saleable stuff and do not interact with the dealers like a layman.

Advertisements in Local Dailies

People used to rely on this method heavily before. Now, with digitization all around, social media and mobile phones have reduced the need to use newspaper advertising a lot. But, still the method is not outdated yet and many people use classified advertising in local dailies. You can sell your stuff through classified columns.

Social Networking Sites

People have virtual lives today. Social media networking sites are potential platforms to reach out to communities. These sites can be good ways to sell your stuff. As for Facebook, the most popular social media networking site, there is a section Facebook marketplace and ‘Buy n Sell groups’. The area is crowded and can fetch you a lot of possible customers to buy your stuff. Listing your saleable items on Facebook marketplace will help your sale intentions circulated to the people in your nearby localities.

Try Trading In

Renowned commerce stores like Walmart and Best Buy have a system of trading in old used stuff. You can avail the option of cash or store credit. Those people having many things to sell at a time can find this trade a good option.

Update Your Movers

As you are planning to relocate, you need to hire professional movers. Some well- established and professional moving companies may be dealing with the things more than just transitions. Talk to your hiring movers and show them the stuff you intend to dispose-off.  They might also help you sell your stuff.

Whatever mode you find convenient, there will be more than one way to sell your household belongings. Please also note that selling of vehicles like bikes and cars must be accompanied by proper documentations. Let not the busy moving activities make you miss on this part. Procure a proper receipt of the sale of automobiles (including exact date and time of the transfer of ownership) and also the identity proof of the buyer. This will keep you safe in future and help the buyer in re registration. Selling the extra stuff will help downsizing your move, reducing costs and hassles a lot. Moreover, selling will bring in some money which will take care of some part of your moving costs.

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