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How to Protect Walls When Moving?

Tags:  Local Movers,  Interstate Movers,  Moving Tips  | 03-03-2021

As moving is a chaotic process, we should all be prepared for any kind of accident that can happen during the moving process. You might think everything is going smoothly at one moment and then BAAM, you find that the helper dropped the moving box with your favourite crockery or your friends who were trying to move your couch, accidentally scratch the walls. Damages to walls, floors, furniture are very common during moving and they can cost you a great deal.

You Must Be Wondering How Such Damage Takes Place?

The frequent damage that you can see while moving is broken tiles, scratches in the wall, flood dents, scrapes and more, and they can happen both in your old home while moving out or new home while moving in. And not only your floor and walls get damaged, but your furniture suffers too. With this guide, learn a few simple yet effective tips which will help you protect your walls, floors and furniture while moving.

9 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Walls Safe During the Move

1. Systematic Planning of Moving Process

The worst thing one could ever do while moving belongings is rushing the process. When there is a rush in the job, there is a high probability of damaging the furniture. Not only your furniture will get damaged, but there are more chances of you getting injured too. Also planning your move systematically is an indirect way to protect your walls. It is a common saying that haste makes waste, and it is true especially when you are moving large and bulky furniture out of the house. Always, remember whenever you are moving furniture from one place to another, you must have a good plan that prevents any damage and ensures safety.

2. You Must Have Empty Exit Ways of Your Old and New Home

The best way to protect your walls is clear the exit paths, you must walk around your exit ways and ensure there are no obstacles while moving any furniture. The areas that lead to the home should be clutter-free and easy-going, make sure there are no wet spots in the area otherwise a person who is moving the furniture may lose their balance and can hit the nearby walls with the items they are carrying.

3. Get More People for Moving Process

It is a fact that a person alone cannot handle moving large furniture alone. To move even small furniture, at least 2 people are required. While moving bulky furniture, 4 people are required to handle the belongings safely and easily carry them out or in the house without any damage. Usually, people underestimate the number of people required to lift the belongings, and that results in damage to walls.

4. Must Wear Proper Dress and Shoes

Damage to walls and furniture can be easily avoided if you are dressed up properly for the moving process. It is important to wear comfortable shoes that have good traction and are enclosed. To protect your walls, it is important to remove large rings if you are wearing your fingers, as the stones of rings may strap the walls and leave a mark on them.

5. Make Sure You Move Disassembled Furniture

Often walls get damaged when there are tall or long things to move. In such a case, the furniture can get wedged tightly against the wall and any forced attempt can damage the wall and lead to bad results to wall corners. The best way to protect your walls is to disassemble your furniture before you move them out of the place. Whenever possible, remove legs and arms of beds, couches and more before you take them out. The more compact furniture you move, there are less likely chances of damage to walls.

6. Get Proper Packing Material for Your Furniture

If you have furniture pieces that you cannot disassemble, then make sure you get proper packing material like bubble wrap or blankets to wrap its protruding parts. Through this way, both wall and furniture will stay safe while moving out of the places. Also ensure you cover the complete furniture piece with a packing blanket which will help keep walls away from scratches, denting or scuffed on moving day.

7. Cover the Complete House Walls with Drop Clothes or Blankets

The direct and one of the best ways to protect your walls is covering them with drop clothes or blankets. That way, your fabric through which you cover the walls will absorb any accidental hits and keep both walls and furniture safe. You must pay extra attention to wall corners, they require extra padding especially when you are moving large furniture items. To paste the drop clothes, blankets of cardboard sheets, you must get painter’s tape.

8. Get Wall Corner Guards

If you really want to protect your walls, you must install wall corner guards to prevent any damage to vulnerable areas of the wall, which are basically the corners. Corner guards provide extra and ultimate protection to wall corners, but they do not come for free. You need to purchase them and install them before you start moving your furniture in and out.

9. Handover Your Moving Process to Professional Movers

Ultimately the best way to eliminate damage to your walls is to hand over the moving job, like lifting and moving furniture to a professional moving company. Experienced furniture movers have been trained exclusively to avoid any property and furniture damage.

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