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How to Plan Your Personal Travel While Moving?

Tags:  Interstate Movers,  Moving Tips  | 03-26-2021

Moving and relocation is such a hectic compilation of various tasks that it is quite natural to forget certain things. The simple reason is that you have to multitask during a move. This makes the moving person a lot nervous. Though forgetting certain trivial things may not be so serious but missing on something as important as planning your own travel in time can cost you a lot. The interesting fact is that it happens.

Some Real-world Tips to Plan your Personal Travel, When your Household Stuff is Already Driven Away

  1. The first suggestion for your personal travel is that you should include it in your to do list. How should you be preparing for the comfortable travel of yourself and your family must be known to all those anticipated to move. Please follow this article to the last for a few suggestions on this oft ignored thing.
  2. While you plan your personal travel through any means as discussed below, one common tip is to prepare a travel bag/kit which will accompany you all throughout your travel. Do not forget to pack your essentials like clothes you would need, some food, water, medicines and toys (if there are kids in the family), pet food (if your furry friends would accompany you), xerox copies and originals of important documents etc.
  3. Also, you should be armed with all the necessary details of your hiring movers carrying your stuff. You should be in possession of the moving contract, name and photo of the driver in your mobile phone, the company details, registration number of the truck and probable time of reaching your destination.
  4. Before you go planning your personal travel, you should also ensure your next home is user ready. If there are some things like repair works, electricity, cooking gas supply, telephone and water connections pending, let them be done in time to avoid inconvenience after you step in there.
  5. Plan where the keys of the old home would be kept/handed over. Also, take possession of the keys to the next home.
Now, We Get to Travelling Tips Through Different Means:

Better to Travel by your Own Car

If you are moving short distance, there is nothing like travelling by your own vehicle. For a long-distance move, compare your driving efficiency, the condition of your vehicle and number of family members against the actual distance to be travelled. If you can conveniently take up the journey, going for it will benefit you in the following ways:
  1. It will be comfortable to travel together.
  2. It will be economical as compared to other modes of travel.
  3. You can carry your stuff like emergency kit, expensive jewellery and medicines etc. without having to worry about travel baggage guidelines. Moreover, it will be safer as there are negligible chances of losing or damaging your belongings.
  4. You can carry your children, pet animals, pet birds with you without paying hefty for their transportation.
  5. You are at liberty to make stopovers as and where you like.
  6. You will spare yourself the ordeal of transporting your car separately through shipping companies. They charge a lot and may not be as safe.
  7. You will spare yourself from making travel bookings, ticket reservations, follow ups etc.

Check the Following When you Plan to Travel by your Own Car

  1. The condition and road worthiness of the car. This includes efficient condition of the engine, tyres and other parts.
  2. The ownership documents of the car. See if the registration certificate of the car is valid.
  3. Pollution certificate of the car. It is important to check if the emissions are within eco-friendly limits. Please note that different states may have different environmental guidelines.
  4. Insurance validity of the car. Please check the insurance papers to see the expiry date. If you will be moving across the state boundaries, it becomes more essential to check the regulatory guidelines.
  5. The licence of the person who will be driving. Ensure the driver of your car carries the valid driving licence. Also check if he/she is licenced to drive across the state boundaries or cross country.

When Travelling By Your Own Car Is Not Possible

If it is not feasible to drive to your next destination due to distance or other reasons, you will have no option but to hire a professional moving company to ship your vehicle. After that, you will have to focus on your own personal travel.

When Travelling by Air

Travel by Air
Air travel is preferred largely for saving time. Travelling by plane is convenient too provided there is not awkward and bulky baggage with you. It is recommended to ensure the following when you intend to travel by air during a move:
  1. Check rates of a few airlines for optimal pricing.
  2. Check for rebates or offers if around.
  3. Book well in advance to avoid last minute exorbitant rates and not getting tickets at all.
  4. Check in advance what stuff would be allowed and what would not be permitted to take along for the journey. It should be borne in mind that airlines do not allow liquids as a rule.
  5. Do not pick sharp edged instruments in your travel kit.
  6. Secure your travel tickets, boarding passes (if obtained online) and identity proofs of all family members at some handy place as your house will be in a near mess during moving days.
  7. Rates for air travel tickets fluctuate with dates. Keep a tab to book cost efficient tickets.
  8. You should plan the departure of your moving trucks in such a way that you are able to reach the airport at least two hours in advance for check in procedures. It will be maddening if you are still stuck up with the movers with your flight ready.

When Travelling by the Train

Travel by Train
Many people prefer to travel by train due to economic reasons. Train travel is also less formal than air travel and baggage guidelines are also not so rigid. It is recommended to be alert in the following ways while travelling by train:
  1. Book in advance, Some busy trains tend to be full if not booked in advance. You may not get confirmation if you book too late.
  2. Ensure all travellers with you have identity proofs with them.
  3. Travelling by train will take far longer than airplanes. Thus, it is advisable to check beforehand what things you would need during a long journey. This may include drinking water, food, medicines you are on and necessary baggage.
  4. Ensure you carry travel tickets at some handy place.

When Travelling by Bus

Travel by Bus
Buses may be said to be the most economical modes of public transport. While deciding to travel by bus, you should keep the following things in mind:
  1. Buses should be used for shorter distances only, say fifty miles. Beyond that, the travel might seem a bit uncomfortable. The seating arrangement is not made for stretching up, nor there is provision for bedding as is the case in long distance trains.
  2. Book the tickets in advance to avoid last minute rush.
  3. Though not necessarily needed during a bus journey, it is still safer to keep your identity documents with you.
  4. You may not be able to carry excessive baggage in a bus.
  5. With a public transport bus, you should be mentally prepared for a few inconveniences too as they tend to be crowded.
Whatever public transport you take, it is advisable to travel only after all the movers have driven off with your household stuff for the new location. Your personal travel has to be in the last.

See the last hour for things like common household stints that tend to be left undone or incomplete during a move like lights left glowing on, water taps turned on, locks undone or the doors and windows still open etc. Such things tend to be forgotten in the rigmarole of moving. So, you should make a list of such small yet important last-minute checks as you plan your personal travel.

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