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How to Move to Another State

Moving to another state can be extremely stressful and overwhelming since there are a lot of details to consider. Moving to a new state also means that you are required to learn a lot of new information and be ready to make some big changes. Along with worrying about how much does it cost to move across country, you probably have plenty of questions about what to expect when moving to another state. That’s why we have set out to answer your biggest question 'how to move to another state'. Keep reading, you will get the answers to all of your moving related questions here.

Plan Earlier than you Think

Once you have decided to move, start planning and explore your new state. Research about the cheapest ways to move across the country, the cost of moving and the job market. From culture to neighborhood, traffic to weather, evaluate everything that is going to affect you. Once you are ready, start saving for moving expenses. Scope out a place to live and decide how to move across the country with all your belongings. It is always better to have everything lined up so you don't have to worry about it on the moving day.

Make Preparations for your Move to a New State

Do you really think it is wise to haul you old battered couch or your outdated TV across the state? And what if they didn't make such a long move? And how to move to another state cost effectively? So before hunting for long distance movers, it is important that you take stock of everything you own, especially heavy furniture and electronics and evaluate if it would be better to sell some of the old or unused items before you move and buying them again once you get to your destination. So make sure to sort out all of your belongings and donate or sell any items you don't want to keep.

Make a Long Distance Moving Budget

Moving to another state is expensive. From interstate movers, to insurance, to upfront expenses like security deposits, starting utilities can drain your account pretty vastly if you are not careful. Simple things like utensils, cleaning supplies, groceries, etc will add up your expense once you arrive. So, how to move long distance without going broke? Simple, make a moving budget by determining how far your current salary will take you and by considering various costs related to move. After researching, set aside that amount of money plus 25-50% of that cost for contingency.

Moving Truck Rentals vs Interstate Movers

Wondering how to move out of state on a budget? Then doing it yourself with truck rentals is your answer. If you are ready to put your time and effort in packing all your belongings and loading them on the moving truck and are comfortable with driving a large vehicle without a rearview mirror, then the most cost-effective to move to another state are truck rentals. These companies usually base their prices on the size of the truck, distance traveled, days of use and insurance. And you will be charged extra if you go over estimated miles or additional days used.

On the other hand, if you opt for professional full-service state to state movers, they are your answer to how to move cross country hassle-free. They will pack, load, ship and unpack all of your belongings as per your instructions. To save money, you can even choose partial moving services by choosing to handle packing yourself. While professional moving companies are pricey, you won't regret hiring them when you have a pleasant moving experience and their services will allow you to focus on other important issues surrounding a move. can help you find the best moving companies for all your moving needs. Fill out a simple online form with your needs and get connected with the most eligible, reliable and qualified movers that make the most sense. All the moving companies in our network are fully  licensed and insured, and mostly accredited with BBB ( Better Business Bureau) and or are members of AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) so you don't have to worry about their reliability. Just get free moving company quotes online from multiple out of state movers, compare them to choose the best moving service provider with better pricing.

At, you will be able to not just compare moving prices, but services and customer reviews, educate yourself with our expert moving tips and guides which will further help you better analyze the moving company you are dealing with and decide on the best mover for your relocation.

Start Packing Early

If you are planning to handle packing yourself, then get started on it as soon as possible. Begin with items that you know you won't use like Christmas decorations or extra clothes, and gradually move from room to room. But how to move long distance without damaging your belongings during transit? Simple, use different sizes of moving boxes and you use plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, moving blankets and padding while packing your boxes. Label every box carefully and attach a list of all the content of the box on the moving box. This will help you to be organized and efficient while unpacking.

Don't forget other Moving Tasks

Packing your stuff or hiring movers are not the only questions about how to move to a new state. There are plenty of other important tasks which you need to finish on time to make your move easier. This mainly includes filling out a change of address form, update the address on your recurring bills, such as car and student loans, as well as credit card and bank accounts, disconnect utilities at old home and setting them up to a new home, getting medical records for family and pets and school records.

Once you have Moved to a New State!

As soon as possible, obtain a new driver’s license and vehicle registration. Visit your local DMV office to check laws, various expectations by state and make sure you ask for a pamphlet on state driving laws. Find new doctors and if you have children, register them to the school.

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